This weekend we stayed local and participated in the rich culture of food trucks that Austin, TX has to offer. Lots of places have good food trucks, but since the 90’s, the food truck culture has taken off. Now there is an estimated 1500 food trucks in this city.


On Saturday, we discovered a truck that fuses together two of our favorite cuisines.

Before Declan was exploring the world through food with us, Kazmira and I were exploring food through the world. The country that we have spent the most time in, outside of the two that we have lived in, is Japan.

And we LOVE the food over there. It is beautiful, exotic, and should have its picture taken. It’s the supermodel of cuisines 😉


And then there is Mexican food. We love Mexican too, but that I attribute to the fact that we are human and we posses taste buds. Saying I don’t like Mexican, is similar to saying, I don’t like pizza. No comprende. Maybe you don’t like it all, but how can you take a look at a plate of loaded nachos, and think, this food is not for me.


Now that we have established the brilliance of both very different fairs, lets take the two and mash them together. What do you get? A disgusting cheesy, fishy, thing that looks like it was scraped off of the table after a food fight? Probably. Unless you are a professional, and know how to take the beauty and subtlety of Japanese food and present it with a Mexican accent. And, that is just what our new friends at Baha St. do.

Eduardo Valenzuela, the owner of this inventive food truck, invited us in to show us what makes this truck special. He and his sous chef, Allan Gindic, took us behind the scenes as they made three of their signature dishes just for us, and our Play Gourmet readers.


In this dish, they take tuna sashimi, and serve it on a corn tostada. A few choice toppings, then spicy mayo and eel sauce to finish it. Whoa!


And this dish was a pepper stuffed with a cream cheese/shrimp mixture, wrapped in bacon, and placed in a corn tortilla, with some pico. Also fantastic!


Obviously, there are many good food trucks in Austin. There are bound to be a few out of 1500, right? But this one, was unique, and delicious. A true find in a sea of trucks. Keep up the good work Baja St!

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