We brainstormed new ways to eat our pumpkins, and we came up with pumpkin fries. One cool thing about pumpkin is that you can eat it savory or sweet. So we made both kinds of fries.

I chose a smaller pumpkin to try this, but the larger the pumpkin, the longer and more french fry looking fries you can make.


To make the fries, we start out by cutting the pumpkin in half, and then cleaning out the inside.


Next, we cut them into fries. While making the fries, I cut the skin off. Here is where you can let your imagination go wild. For my savory fries, I just used some olive oil, salt and pepper. For my sweet fries, I used a little oil, maple syrup, and pumpkin spice. From here, we bake until they are soft.


Now to finish them, I just pan fry for a few minutes to make them a little crispy on the outside.


Personally, I really liked the sweet ones just the way they were, but the salty ones with a little hot sauce were fantastic.



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