One of the finer points, aside from all the great sausage was the sauerkraut that was served with each sausage. I have always loved this side dish. Really good sauerkraut goes down very smooth. It is not too vinegary or salty, yet has a difficult-to-describe richness that perfectly compliments a salty meat, like a sausage, or pork chop.

Here at the Play Gourmets laboratory, we sought to replicate the fine balance in delicateness and richness, where a really good sauerkraut should live.

We started with sautéing some onions until translucent.

img_1210I hear doing this in bacon grease is the best way to start your sauerkraut, but decided to tone it down with just some olive oil.

Next I empty some store bought bottles of kraut into my pot of onions. img_1211I have decided not to include all of the juice that comes with the sauerkraut, however, I do not rinse it. Next I add some water to it, and get it on its way to a nice boil.

While that is going on, I prepare my secret ingredients. I use an apple and some white wine, both for their natural sugars. While stewing together, this sweetness will breakdown the sharpness of the sauerkraut to give us that balance we are looking for.


I peel the apple and slice it thin before adding.


And in no time you have that perfect side dish!


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