Now take an ordinary piece of steak. See below. This is not a trick steak.


I season it thoroughly, like you would before tossing on the grill.


I vacuum seal them. In this case, I have done that by placing them in a ziplock bag, and then submerging it in water when sealing.


Now for the magic part. I set my water immersion circulator for my desired temp, which is 130F. Once the water is at the correct temp, I place the steaks in the water.


It takes about an hour for the steak to come up to this temperature. The beauty is that there is quite a bit of fudge factor here. Don’t worry about timing all of your sides perfectly anymore. Now we pull them out…


Now, they are not that pretty, since there was not more intense heat applied directly to the surface, but we can fix that by tossing them on a hot grill for a minute on each side.



Take a look at the inside of one of these steaks after this process. One more advantage to cooking this way, is there is not much loss in volume. There is nearly no where for liquid to escape in this process. So you wind up with a perfectly cooked steak, that is full and juicy, every single time.


Now time to go get more steak and other things to sous-vide!


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