While in Buffalo, NY, what would be more appropriate than to have some buffalo wings? And since we are having buffalo wings in Buffalo, why not try the original buffalo wing?


Frank and Teresa’s Anchor Bar, or simply The Anchor Bar, is the home of the original buffalo wing. You have probably had or at least seen Frank’s RedHot Hot Sauce. This is the same Frank of Frank and Teresa’s Anchor Bar. We even used to buy Frank’s hot sauce when we lived in Singapore, so safe to say that Frank has done alright for himself. And needless to say the flavor that he has propagated throughout the world is a hit.


Being the well-established food bloggers that we are (tongue-in-cheek), we were awarded some behind-the-scenes action at this historical monument of food.


In the kitchen, there is a wall of fryers, where they are constantly tossing in countless numbers of chicken wings.


When they come out they are a beautiful golden brown. Already ready to eat if you ask me, but this is the starting point.


From here they toss the wings with a ladle of melted butter, followed up with a generous pour of their delicious buffalo sauce.


This is what they look like right before the ravenous patrons are served.


Just for fun, I thought I would show you one of their 5 gallon drums of bleu cheese -imagine how many of those tiny plastic cups one of those fills!


Speaking of ravenous patrons, our little play gourmet was ready to do his part on that mountain of buffalo wings!


These wings were amazing. The Anchor Bar is definitely a PlayGourmets pick! They left their mark on us, and this time, we left our mark on them.

PG displayed on the wall of fame.

6 Comments on “Lord of the Wings”

  1. Play Gourmets sticker on their wall?? So awesome!! I’ve not heard of this place, but I will be sure to visit if I visit Buffalo.


  2. Dan, Your son has a great appetite, Wow…..When our daughter was that age the only thing she would eat was butter and noodles and spaghetti (more noodles)….Great seeing all of you at Thanksgiving. Hope you are having a great time in Toronto…Don’t work too hard….Best Al


    • Thanks Al. He eats us out of house and home and he is only 2. We’ll have to get a second mortgage for when he is 14 🙂
      It was great to see you guys again too. Thank you for keeping up with us on the blog!


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