It was the night before Christmas,
and all I could think,
was how this entire year
has gone in a blink.
Our happy little Play Gourmet,
who has just turned two,
celebrated with family
his love for choo-choo.
Mommy and Daddy both agree,
that this year was great,
the boy was the absolute best,
plus all that we ate.
We have made quite a few changes;
we started this blog,
and after twelve wonderful years,
we added a dog.
Reflecting on this past year, and
how this year started,
I am reminded about how
this land was uncharted.
We had a one year old who ran
before he could crawl,
and started to regularly
scare mom with a fall.
Although it was not long at all
before he could show,
that we were in trouble,
and boy did we know.
We didn’t know all a one-year-old could do,
run, jump, think, and talk,
we hadn’t a clue.
Each day that passed
stood as a reminder,
that we were so lucky
and our love couldn’t be blinder.
Now when I think
of all our many adventures,
I think, thank goodness for
our appetite quenchers.
Together we all go out,
search where food comes from,
then we share the tale of our trip,
on our
The Play Gourmets has been a blast,
but mostly to share,
just how much our son loves to eat,
while in his high chair.
He has quite an open mind,
when it comes to food,
which if you ask me,
makes him one cool dude.
Thank you for reading along,
as we journal this;
we are just getting started,
next, you won’t want to miss.
A lot of cooking we’ll do,
also exploring,
we’ll make something delicious,
sure not to be boring.
We’ll search all of the festivals,
And restaurants we can,
plus lots of food trucks and street fairs
to share as a fan.
We will post all our recipes,
as we recreate,
the delicious treats that we find,
from restaurants we ate.
Now, as I wind down this poem,
and take the last bite,
I wish Happy Christmas to all,
and to all a good night.

2 Comments on “A Visit from the Play Gourmets”

  1. Your lives sure have changed but I’ve never seen you happier❤️Best wishes for a yummy new year & I look forward to reading about your new foodie adventures!
    xoxo smooches to Declan😘


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