Christmas is over, and hopefully everyone had as much fun as we did. Nothing makes Christmas as special as having a little one to share it with. All this time I thought I was having all the fun when I was little.


But now, it is time to set our sights on the New Year. Which typically starts with new years resolutions. And number one on mine and probably most peoples lists … get into shape.

Looking back at the last week through photos, and it is obvious why this is everyone’s new year’s resolution. We literally spend an entire week or more, right before New Years eating things that we don’t usually let ourselves eat. I contend that if New years came in the middle of June, no one would be thinking about all the weight they need to lose, because no one would have just gorged for a month and put on an uncharacteristically large amount of weight.


In the last week, we have had 4 major feasts, and Declan has been responsible for at least half of all of the sweets that are constantly available and immediately present.


I think it is safe to say that the focus of the PlayGourmets is not usually on baking cookies, pies, cakes, etc. But our little Play Gourmet took to it like a duck to water. So here is one tiny example of what we have been snacking on between large meals this week.

First, we roll out the cookie dough.


Next, it is time to cut into shapes.


Time to bake.


And now time to meticulously decorate each one.


But these were the cookies for us. Santa got his own specially made cookie.


Observe the concentration.


And Finally on the night before, much thought is placed on where to leave Santa’s treats.


Now it is time to slowly ween ourselves off of the cookies. Quitting cold turkey wouldn’t be good for anyone.

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