Usually, I am on top of food fads. A couple years ago it was sriracha, kale  and cronuts. Last year it was chia seeds, bone broth, and gluten-free fill-in-the-blank. But there are a couple fads that are always popular, maybe that means they aren’t fads. The first is pumpkin flavored things, (which taste nothing like pumpkin, am I right? But rather cinnamon, sugar, and nutmeg, nevertheless delicious.) and the second is bacon.

I almost feel ashamed to do a post on bacon. Bacon is great. Almost everyone would agree. And there is just about no way to do it wrong. You can fry it in a pan, bake it, microwave it, literally wrap in around anything, and it always turns out good.

Enter the sous vide. I am sorry if another sous vide post is starting to get redundant and boring, but don’t give up on me before reading this one at least. Trust that the PlayGourmets have only the best flavor intentions at heart.


The next time you have 12 hours to cook up some bacon, please do it like this.

The first thing I do is go to the store and buy some thick cut bacon. This post would have been 100 times better if I would have cured the bacon myself, but consider this the busy dad version of the story.


Before putting things in the water, I would vacuum seal the contents, but in this case, our wonderful bacon distributor has already done the work for us. I literally throw the package of bacon right into the water. I do this before going to bed.


When I wake up, the bacon is completely cooked, and ready to be finished. I choose to broil it for about a min on each side, but you could just as easily fry it the same way. Since it is fully cooked, the finish just crispens the fat.



This method creates a perfectly consistant texture throughout the entire piece of bacon. There are not tough pieces of pork, or undercooked pieces of fat. It is not two crispy, and is not flimsy at all.


There are a number of neat things you could do with this method as well. For example, you could infuse the bacon with vodka for your bloody mary’s. We, however, just enjoyed it with our breakfast. And just to complete the faddish breakfast, we had it with pumpkin pancakes and sous-vide poached eggs.


Although, just having around for a morning snack with your Granny is a pretty good choice too.


After 12 hours of cooking and 12 minutes of eating, we are ready to hit the trails.


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