What do you get when you cross a visit from Uncle Mark and Aunt Sasha with the birth of a new crawfish season? You get a day dedicated to the art of a crawfish boil.


Being in Austin affords us many pleasures, but one pleasure is the ability to get live crawfish starting around the end of February. We have done some boils before, with different types of seafood, and even frozen craws, but this year, we have the opportunity to get some fresh mudbugs.


For this boil, we planned every detail, including the procurement of our very own Crawfish Keg.


In addition to the crawfish, we bought some Andouille, potatoes, corn on the cob, mushrooms, garlic, and lemons, not to mention the cajun seasoning.


The first step was to make the “soup” to boil everything. We determined how much water by putting just enough to cover the crawfish, then add the seasoning, garlic and lemons.


Once the water is boiling, we toss in the potatoes and wait a few mins before adding everything else.


After not too long, we turn the burner off and let it sit in the hot water. Here is an in-process look at this future masterpiece.


Once we have waited long enough (30 mins), we dump out the pot onto our table.


It is just after this moment that pictures don’t show the pride and elation that we feel having accomplished this magnificent feat. The entire day culminates to this point. The moment that you sit down, and know that you will be there for hours until either nothing is left, or you physically can’t eat anymore.


Everything was so good. The crawfish, the sausage, and veggies, even the garlic was unbelievable. Our little PlayGourmet was impressed too, as he enjoyed some cajun corn, and in true form, sucked the juice out of the head, before enjoying the tail meat.


Having just gorged, we all felt compelled to do something physical, and took a walk down to the green belt, perhaps not feeling like the most athletic versions of ourselves.


A day well spent.



2 Comments on “WORLD’s BEST crawDAD”

  1. I used to use those as bait…lol….had them in New Orleans a while back and they were great….hope all is well….Best, Al


  2. Thanks Al! There are so many enjoyable things about them. But, having a pile dumped in front of you, for you to plow through with no time constraint is about as good as it gets.


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