Ever noticed how the most delicious things are things we shouldn’t eat? Of course you have. It is always being told to us. Basically, no matter what you want, you shouldn’t have it.


I like pasta and rice. Nope, bad. I like steak, sausage, ribs: bad, bad, bad. I like to cook in oil, or add butter, also bad. I like things dipped in chocolate, or partially baked cookies and brownies: all unforgivable. Go ahead and eat that stuff, just don’t expect to live long, and plan to wear a shirt at the beach or swimming pool.

This is the world we are living in. Not easy to be a food blogger, when you are constantly sharing food ideas with a world that shuns anything delicious.

Luckily for us, we have a confusing variety of diets we can all follow. Limit carbs, limit fat, limit meat, only eat certain types of foods, Atkins, South Beach, Paleo, Weight Watchers, Mediterranean, Zone, Nutrisystem, Volumetrics, and Raw (as if just what we were eating wasn’t enough of a concern, we need to watch the temperature too).


Introducing the Play Gourmet Diet; make room on the NY Times Best Seller List for this one.

I think I could feature a different diet every week for the remainder of the year. But this is no life. I think the issue, aside from thinking that we all need to look like super models and professional athletes, is that we need to show an ounce of restraint. Not doing whatever feels good until it doesn’t feel good anymore. This is a funny thing to read, from anyone who has indulged in a dining experience with me. But, I think this is the key to our diets.


When I look at our little PlayGourmet, he seems to have a perfect ratio of fat and muscle. Now, I grant you that he is running at peak efficiency, being only two, but here is how he lives: he takes only a couple bites at a time, showing excellent portion control. He spends 100% of the energy he has as quickly he can. And he sleeps when he is tired. I am not sure I do any of those things, let alone as well as he does.


Just add to the list of things we should learn from our kids.

In the meantime, quit your diet, stop eating so much at a time, and enjoy eating the things we tell you  to eat on PlayGourmets.com.


I promise more food next week.

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