It’s getting warm in Austin again. Reminding us that dog days are around the corner. Now is the time for us to start our research on how to stay cool this summer.


That is pretty cool, but not the cool, I was referring to. When you start exploring in Austin, you never know what you will find. But, you can be pretty sure you will find some food trucks, and delicious food.


We also managed to squeeze in some pig races.


This led to some races of our own in the back yard. And for a break, our little Play Gourmet polished off a cup of grapes, all except for the ones that were stolen from him. (but don’t feel bad for him, he will get his revenge)


Now back to the all important research. How to stay cool…


Turns out this is no ordinary ice cream shop, this one uses local wholesome ingredients to create the most inventive ice cream flavors. Take a look at these concoctions.


Of course with options likes these, it is not easy to decide. No going in, and getting your usual.


Of course, if everyone is going to take so long deciding, then the decisive get rewarded early. No sense in waiting.


We got quite a few different flavors between all of us. All sensational. Our little Play Gourmet has become an excellent sharer. He is willing to share everyone else’s ice cream anytime.


Remember when I said he would get his revenge for the grapes I stole? Check out this sly move. He waits until I am posing for a picture, and then BAM! Sneak attack!


I was going to say “revenge is a dish best served cold”, but I thought that was a bit cheesy.

It took us until after dinner to complete our research and try the new ice cream shop. But apparently, our Little Play Gourmet thought that dinner was just a snack, and the ice cream was just a snack. Because when we were done with the ice cream, he reminded us that there was food around the corner. We indulged him, and let him lead us. He led us to the street, where we made a left and walked another city block, straight to the front door of Shake Shake. He walked right in, like he was a regular, (which he is not, by the way), and proceeded to deliberate between a hamburger or grilled cheese, obviously some french fries too. Long story short, he got himself, a second dinner, to eat by himself, after ice cream.


After such a successful evening, he and his mom, proceeded to dance the entire way back to the car.


Research complete.



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