Let’s get the veggies and potatoes out of the way. We roasted everything, in advance of the main event.


The main event being our ham. To glaze the ham, we dissolve some brown sugar into some yellow mustard. I would say we use quite a bit more sugar than mustard, but really, I just add each ingredient until I reach the desired viscosity.


After applying the glaze, we add pineapples and cherries. I don’t know if this is a Hawaiian thing or just an obvious thing, but the pineapple helps keep the ham from drying, plus offers some sweetness. Not to mention the cooked pineapple and cherries are delish.


When it comes out, I remove all the pineapple and cherries to be served as side dish, and carve up our pig.


The finished product. This ought to hold us until our second dinner.


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