We dedicated this last weekend to playing and eating. I suppose that is the same dedication that we make to every weekend, but we got right to work as soon as we popped out of bed on Saturday. We began by getting revved up with a few YouTube videos on monster trucks and race cars. This really wet our appetite for some living room engineering. Luckily, we had stashed away a gift from Grams and Pop-Pop for just this occasion. It was a flexible race track with motorized cars that lit up, couple that with some blocks, and other odds and ends laying around the house, and we had ourselves the perfect arena for some miniature action sports.


After creating a track worthy of a Formula One race, we had worked up an appetite. Luckily for us, we had kitchen counter apples in abundance.


Then it was time to get outside! So we had water fights, blew bubbles, did lots of chasing, and even wore the dog out, all by lunchtime.


It was a day just like this one, nearly one whole year ago, that we were playing outside, in the water, when our Little Play Gourmet experienced his first hot dog. It was love at first sight.


But today, since we are older and wiser and our palette is so much more mature, we go for the quality. Allow me to introduce you to bison hot dogs, if you are not already in the know. Bison hotdogs are like the airbrushed magazine cover version of the beef hotdog . They are a little bit leaner, and bursting with even more flavor. So imagine that big all beef hotdog that you get at the ball park, and now subtract some of the grease. Super delicious, and amazingly healthier. Plus, have you seen a bison? Way more interesting than a cow.


So we find these bison hot dogs at Whole Foods. We keep an eye out for them, because they are not always available. Nothing too special about how we cook them; we just toss them on the grill.


After just a few minutes, they are ready to eat.


Some hotdogs are just too good for buns.


And REALLY special hotdogs deserve a “cheers”.


It’s no use trying to keep our Little Play Gourmet indoors this spring.


1 Comments on “Bison Dogs on the Barbie”

  1. A beautiful presentation. It’s a lot of fun watching Declan grow and learn and experiment. Kudos to you and Kazmira for creating a soon to be important person.


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