In case octopus isn’t your thing, I am pretty sure Greece would still please your palette. When you think about Greece, what do you think of?  Olives, feta, and tzatziki, and maybe some other non food stuff…


Even though they were highlights of almost every single night, we decided not to feature them.


But as common and obvious as the Gyro in Greece is, we cannot resist writing about that.


I was looking back at previous posts to verify that we have never written about fast food. Street food, yes, but not fast food. It is not that we have a strict no fast food policy, it is just that we usually find it uninteresting. Until now.

That is not shame our little Play Gourmet is hiding with his hand; rather he is protecting his face from the intense heat of the charcoal.

Fast food in Greece comes in the form of gyros and kebabs. And just like there is variation between a Big Mac, Whopper and Double Stack, the gyros taste a little different at each place too. You can trust that we researched this in order to deliver a trustworthy report. However, to most a fast food hamburger is pretty much the same, and I think with the same amount of leniency, you would say that most of the gyro stands deliver an equally similar product.


The beauty of this food, is that it you are eating obvious things. No mystery meat concessions. The kebabs clearly have cubes of chicken, and you can just take a look at the gyro meat on display to tell that it is no processed something or other.


You can dissect one of these rather easily, but since they are made right in front of you it is easy enough to show off the process.

We start with the grilled pita and slather on some tzatziki…


Then the meat of your choice…


Tomatoes, onions…




Wrap it up, and eat on the go!!!


Or for the carb conscience, you could always just go with a skewer of meat.


I never ran into an octopus gyro, but I am not ruling out that possibility. There are lots of islands in Greece after all.


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