This weekend, our explorations took place in Milwaukee, WI. And Granny joined us for the fun.


It was not completely random that we wound up there. The House of Blue Hope, a charity to help disadvantaged kids in East Africa, was holding a couple of events in Milwaukee. This charity was founded by friends of ours from the University of Miami. Check out the story when you get a chance.

Milwaukee showed us a wonderful, caring side of its population, and we were grateful to be apart of it.


But, we were not completely void of time to explore the food scene. Typically when we are heading somewhere, we get ideas about what the area is known for and try to exploit them. When we think of Wisconsin, we think cheese and sausage, and general German food. Cheese and sausage fit right into the Play Gourmet diet. So we set off to find where in Milwaukee people go for this. Enter the Milwaukee Public Market:


This market was similar to Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market, with many vendors, and types of foods. It was a thing of beauty. Of course there was a delicious slant towards Wisconsin cheese, and home made sausages. If we lived nearby, we would definitely make some friends here.

The next plan was to find a proper representation of German food, which is not a tall order in Milwaukee. However, as fate would have it. Bastille Days, the largest outdoor French festival in North America fell on this weekend. So, we forewent the German, in order to take advantage of the opportunity that fell right in our laps.

French food is awesome, and we were basically handed a French food festival on a silver platter. (That line was so cheesy that I considered taking it out, but then you wouldn’t have heard me come up with it, so I left it in).

As we walk around, we saw too many good things to try them all, including legs of lamb on a rotisserie. There were over 75 food vendors.


One thing, that I couldn’t pass up was some escargot. I guess, since it was in festival format, the shells were too much.


Thankfully, I had my little Play Gourmet to help shovel them in.


I remember visiting Paris as a high schooler and having a hotdog. It is actually one of my most vivid memories of that trip. I was probably destined to write about food, when that was my take away from a first ever trip abroad. Never-the-less, the hotdog was served in a hollowed-out piece of French bread. Fast forward a couple of decades, and Milwaukee recreated the scene.


I think that may have been the food our Little Play Gourmet will remember most from the festival as well. It was outstanding, and if there weren’t so many other foods to try, I would have gotten one for all of us.


The tour wouldn’t be complete without something sweet. There were crepes and pastries, and creme brûlée. But ever since Cafe Du Monde, Beignets hold a special place in our hearts. We even stole a  peek at the operation.


And then covered in powdered sugar.


A busy weekend for sure, but a person still has to eat, right? We had all kinds of luck and fun while satisfying that need this weekend.


2 Comments on “French Connection”

  1. If you are looking for examples of German food, how about Sainte Genevieve? Sure, it has a French name (ruled by Spaniards and French in its history), and you’ll also find Leber Knaeflies (liver dumplings) that are kind of a staple in Ste Gen. You sure put this historic town on your travels….oh, and by the way, I just happen to know someone who can put you up with lodging for free… 🙂


    • Such a pleasant happy scene together with beautiful family love … and humor. These reports always make me hungry. The good news is that I know you bring back some of that info and re-create a lot of these delicacies. Hope I’m around when you get one of those creative urges.


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