This weekend the Play Gourmets were back on the road, this time heading to Florida for a quick visit with the family.


We didn’t come with a plan for what food we might explore, but we did plan to spend lots of time playing. Our little Play Gourmet excels in this category, and in FL he has a whole new cast of characters to wear out and get sweaty with.

He ran with his Uncle Nick…


And rode bikes with his cousin…


And conducted a train with his Grandad…


Had the weekend only included these things we would have walked away considering it a success. But in fact, we did find a new food joint.


Now since Texas is our home base, we are exposed to all kinds of smoking and slow cooking, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t interested in how its done in other parts of the country. Ron and his wife Cathleen, took the leap a few years ago. They quit there 9-5’s and went full time into the restaurant business. They started out with a hotdog cart before they graduated to their passion and gift, barbecue.


Ron gave us a tour of his facility, explained the wood that he uses, and even generously handed us samples of all that they do. There is a distinct difference between the smokey, brisket-heavy slant on BBQ that we get regularly in Texas, and the fall-off-the-bone, sweet and savory style of Southern BBQ.


To say this meat fell-off-the bone is almost an understatement. But, in fact it is a truly accurate statement. I think we use this phrase pretty liberally typically, but in this case, it is barely even possible to transfer the ribs to a plate without the bones completely sliding out of the slab. Notice there is no possible way to cut the ribs while keeping any meat attached.


This was the best BBQ that we have had in Florida, you can argue it is the best of its class. Like the ribs, pulled pork, and chicken wings, Ron and Cathleen were down-to-earth, generous and wonderful, true experts. We wish them lot’s of luck, and will be seeing them again.

I can think of no better meal to have after working up a sweat in the Florida humidity.


And the proper way to close out an all-American feast such as this, is a home-made (by Grams) Apple Cobbler al a mode.


We may not always have a plan, but we rarely go without some food to write home about.


Sneak Peak:

On the way out of town, we snuck in a visit to see Aunt Pam and Uncle Scott. They have been up to some good. Growing their own Carolina Reapers and Ghost Peppers. Why may you ask? In order to create some delicious, taste-bud-scorching hot sauces. This was too good not to mention now, and too good not to feature on our next visit.


2 Comments on “Bad to the Bone”

  1. Sensational as usual. Those ribs were the best. The presentation as always most rewarding. Think I’ll go back and get some more of those ribs.


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