Time flies when you’re having fun. Believe it or not, it has been a year since we started publishing our weekly food adventures.


We have traveled to different cities and countries searching for interesting and regionally significant treats. Our little Play Gourmet has matched his parents tit for tat when it comes to trying new things.


But most of all, these posts have shown me just how much fun we have on a weekly basis and we just use food as the vehicle to share our stories.


Within a year, we’ve gotten friends joining in on the fun and numerous folks in the food world inviting us to route our adventures through them. I am not sure what the future holds, but one prediction I will make, is that we have fun doing it.


It was this time a year ago when we broke the ice with our post on Cubanos. We talked about how this time of the year the cuban sandwich just feels right, and funny enough we got the hankering again this weekend, almost exactly a year later.


As we have exposed ourselves to new people and places, we have picked up some new tips, even on things we were so confident in, such as the Cubano.

This time around, prior to the marinating the pork in Mojo, we are heeding advice to brine it. And not only are we going to try this addition out, we are having some of the neighborhood over to give us their reaction.

We start out with a beautiful bone in pork shoulder.


And as stated before we start out with a brine consisting of orange juice, vinegar, spiced rum, salt, brown sugar, garlic, and some fresh herbs. This will brine for the better part of a day, prior to marinating.


Next we give it a good marinade of a classical mojo sauce.


And after marinating for a couple of hours, we brush a little more on before popping it in the oven.


Once out of the oven, we let it sit while we get all the other ingredients ready.


Time to prep our build station. First step, need to carve the pork.


Second thing to do is to slice the pan Cubano, that we con a local Cuban restaurant into selling us.


Somewhere in there, we have laid out the mustard, Swiss cheese, ham and pickles. and now we are ready to assemble.


Once we have a stack of sandwiches that should feed a small army….


we press them. And now that the stack of sandwiches is about 30 percent as tall as before, we are ready to serve!!!


Now for the true test, we place a plate of sandwich and plantain chips for each fellow at the masters’ table.


Success!!! A sandwich fit for a superhero!!!


These Cubanos did not disappoint. To my delight there were no left overs, and every one (sincere or not) fed us full of compliments. At a minimum, I expect to build off of this for next year.

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