This last weekend started off with a Friday night football game that went completely according to plan. Our little Play Gourmet donned his apparel and we ushered in our first conference victory of the season to remain undefeated. Even better than the win, was how much the little boy was into the game, paying very close attention for most of the game, and celebrating the big plays.


This was only the start to a packed weekend. On Saturday, we had plans to meet the real Thomas the Train, in person. Lucky for us he decided to holiday in Burnet, TX, only about an hour away from us.


We are now proud owners of about 1000 photos of Thomas, taken from a vantage point of about two and a half feet off the ground.

Now flashing back to the previous weekend, we managed to check out the Pecan Street Festival in downtown Austin. It was nice, typical of a street festival with food and art vendors. We happened on one interesting idea. Granny was visiting us, and noticed that someone was eating what looked like an ice cream cone, except filled with something other than ice cream. It turns out it was filled with pizza ingredients.

So of course, we elbowed our way into the kitchen, and made one with the professionals. They started with already made, par-baked, cone-shaped breads, and filled it with sauce, cheese and pepperoni.


Then they placed it in the conveyor oven…


And what came out was obviously delicious…


Now if you like the toppings of a pizza more than the crust, this was the concoction for you…


Granny and I were really impressed with the idea.

Now flashing forward to this past weekend, we were inspired to make our own pizza invention. I recognize that we have been a little pizza heavy, considering we celebrated my birthday with a pizza cake, and now the pizza cone, and a new invention this week. I would like to promise you no more pizza posts for a while, but I am not sure that is something I am comfortable committing to.

This week, we experimented with the waffle maker as our cooking element. We had all kinds of ideas, like cooking with bao, biscuit dough, or puff pastry dough, but we settled on phyllo dough.

So our Little Play Gourmet prepped our ingredients while I readied the laboratory equipment. He’s becoming quite helpful in his late two’s…


And once we had pre-cooked all the veggies, in this case we used spinach, mushrooms, peppers and diced tomatoes, we rolled out a few sheets of phyllo dough. We placed a few slices of pepperoni, and layered the veggies, topping with a little bit of mozzarella.


Once packed, we roll it and make a couple more. Enough to coil it on the waffle maker.


From here, we press it until the dough is crispy.


And believe it or not, our experiment was awesome!!!!!


Our little Play Gourmet was quick to gobble up his waffle, and even found some more for a pre-bedtime snack.


I think we have just opened up a world of cooking things with a waffle iron.

3 Comments on “Better Ingredients. Better Waffles.”

  1. Who would of thought…..I like your creativity…my middle son would have loved this! At 29 years old now….he is still our pizza and bacon connoisseur. I will share with him. Thanks!


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