I find the eating habits of our 2 year old to be fascinating. These are probably the habits of all or most 2 year olds, but I only have one data point, so I don’t want to generalize to quickly. I have documented pretty well, in my opinion, that this little boy will eat just about anything.


He is not intimidated by appearance or lack of experience. But perhaps something I have not documented is his eating routine, or lack there of. One day this kid will eat more than both of his parents combined, and on other days, he won’t eat anything. And that isn’t all, some days, he is a carb maniac. He can eat rice, pasta, corn-on-the-cob, cookies, fruit, anything that he can glean quick energy from, all day long, and never give a sniff to something with protein in it.


And the next day he might be a ravenous carnivore, eating a half of a baked chicken for dinner, and leave the starch alone completely.


Personally, I like to balance my meals. If I have a slab of meat, I would be dissatisfied without some carbs, or veggies at a minimum. And nothing makes me crave meat more than a heaping bowl of pasta, potatoes, or bread.


We go with it though, because we figure a 2 year old has a lot of changes going on, namely (what seems like) doubling in size every couple of months. So when he is slamming the carbs, I take it his body needs that energy. And when he is a protein crazed maniac, he must require that as well.


I am sure there is a lesson here, like listen to your body, blah blah blah, except that my body is always telling me I need more pizza and tacos. I am not sure that is a great take away from this.


But in the theme of not balancing our meals…

I will take this opportunity for some gratuitous bacon pictures.

As a family, we made friends with our local bacon peddler, who offers us some super thick bacon at the counter.


This bacon is so thick it is almost like a bacon flavored ham steak.


And since we are not balancing here, we go ahead and tack on a little more protein.


And now for the next meal…. kale.

Who says a kale salad has to be boring. In fact as much as we love to indulge, this was one of the most delicious things we’ve had in a while. I urge other to make this.

For this kale salad, we sous vide’d some eggs until the whites were hard and the yolks started to congeal, not runny, not hard.


The finished eggs were stored in the fridge for later.

We washed our farm fresh kale, and then laid out to dry.


And then for the most important part. We massage the leaves for nearly five minutes with olive oil and let it sit for about an hour.


This softens and removes any bitterness in the leaves. If you don’t think you like raw kale, you should try this next time, and you might find that you do.

Finally, we plate it, adding some colors, and those eggs.


This is a wonderful way to end a weekend where you might have chosen not to balance your meals like a two year old.


3 Comments on “On a Scale from Bacon to Kale”

  1. You have me hooked on reading your blogs. Many truths were stated here about 2 year olds to adults. I have never liked raw kale, but will try your idea – especially since it sounded easy. I enjoy all your pictures as well – especially of all your family members.


  2. Beautifully done as usual. How many blogs have you done now? They get better and better. The almost 3 year old is the hit of te story.


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