For this Thanksgiving, our little Play Gourmet had his own personal audience with Aunt Pam and Uncle Scott visiting.


We had a wonderful time doing the Austin food tour, and watching college football. The boy even took his Uncle Scott for a hike.


I get full just thinking about the four days we spent eating taco’s, pizza, desserts, and not to mention Thanksgiving dinner.

Now about Thanksgiving Dinner, we have good news and bad news… Our turkey story for this year’s Thanksgiving went way off script. We had this wonderful plan to deep fry our turkey. I have only ever heard wonderful things about a turkey successfully cooked this way. And since we have a craw fish keg, I thought we had all we needed short of the oil. It turns out I slightly miscalculated.

The night before, we decided to take a look at our crawfish keg to see just how much oil we would need. During the inspection, we noticed the letters clearly embossed in the metal side… WATER ONLY… Water only!!!! Scott and I definitely thought about trying to fry anyway, but, after some time of acceptance, we decided to go to Plan B. The good news.


We found a ribeye roast at the meat counter. And while every other drone in the store was grabbing turkeys and fixings, we were loading up with a beautiful cut of meat. Because we are moderate eaters, we told the butcher just three ribs.  Well it turns out three ribs of a pretty large animal is not actually all that conservative.


I usually find roasts to be very mundane and not all that rewarding. You wouldn’t know it by our recent posts, i.e. lamb shanks, crown roast, and now this…, but we are game for any excuse to sous vide something.

So we start out with this handsome cute of meat. This almost looks good enough to eat and then we season it.


Next we vacuum seal it.


Then we call in the sous chef to man the controls.


We wait 8 hours, and remove it from the bag.


It’s cooked to perfection inside, but a little blah on the outside. So we throw it in the broiler until the top of it catches on fire.


I regret not having a better picture of the final product. But this was perfectly cooked even, all the way through and barely lost any volume during the eight hours of cook time.


It was no turkey, for better or worse, but it was the centerpiece to our Austin Thanksgiving with Uncle Scott and Aunt Pam.


6 Comments on “A Texas Thanksgiving”

    • Beautifully done. Although I look forward to Turkey once a year at Thanksgiving, A roast prepared and served as above is God’s reward for living. The turkey only gives justification for the future consumption of the plendid preparation of beef as above described. If it weren’t for the 16 hours a day and the cut in pay, I would coach you to become the great chef you could be ( and already are)


  1. Glad the two “Guys” decided to use common sense on the pseudo turkey fryer. The picture of you guys was great. Bring your Doogie to Christmas.


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