When I say December, what things pop into your mind? Cool weather, holiday parties, arts and crafts, baking goodies, and hunting, right? Well, if you live in Texas you might throw hunting in there. So, in one weeks time, we managed to check all of these off the list. You could say we are ahead of schedule, but then, everyone knows that there is more to do in December than there is time…


This week Austin, TX saw snow! Which doesn’t happen all that often. So, the boy and I went to the high school football field to take in the event. Ironically, he had asked his mom and I to take him to see snow the day before! Too bad we won’t always deliver on his wishes like that.


Prior to this, the boy and his mom took a class to prepare for Santa’s visit. They want to make sure that Santa has a fond memory of visiting our house. So they learned how to make little gingerbread men cookies from scratch.


Our little play gourmet was ready to show off his skills, as he was sure to be the most experienced kid in class with a rolling pin.


After that he stamped them to place on the cookie sheet.


And then after baking them, gave them a generous dose of sprinkles.


Now luckily the cold only lasted for the night of the snow, because a couple days later it was neighborhood block party time…


Hosted by our very own little play gourmet and his scooter gang.



The party was complete with a bounce house and face painter/balloonist.


Not a bad afternoon in the neighborhood.

Now prior to the snow arriving, one of our neighbors and good friends went hunting. Gavin came away with his first buck, which paved the way for us to make delicious things from its meat.


So the whole family spent time preparing the meat; cleaning it of anything unwanted.


We were left with tenderloins, back strap, and a bunch of pieces to be ground for ground meat and sausage.


We came up with some recipes for jalapeño cheddar and Italian sausage, and got to work.


Gavin, our newest play gourmet, mixed the ingredients…


And prepped the casings…


And then we proceeded to stuff…


The sausage was incredible!


We threw some on the grill as we were cleaning up for an instant pay off.


Now for the not-so-instant pay-off, some of the venison was saved to make salami… Only a month away from tasting this.


So, freak snow, block party, gingerbread men, and a buck… Not a bad week…


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