It is officially party season! On the heels of hosting our neighborhood block party, we head to Florida to keep the party going. This time we party to celebrate our little Play Gourmet’s third birthday. Mrs. Play Gourmet loves her themes and has decided that the best way to turn three is to pillage and plunder with our family.


Our guest of honor was the one-eyed alligator, who was always hungry for the captain’s… cupcakes.


But even alligators and pirates can agree on a cease fire for a little bit of train time.


But eventually…..


Every alligator gets its prey…


If only alligators could use there hands when they eat.

And once all the planks have been walked, timbers shivered and hatches batten down, we’re ready for some cousin time in the bounce house.


Now that we have thoroughly covered the Play, here is how we cover the Gourmet:

Uncle Nick helped us make a crowd pleaser. Sometimes, we have to take some short cuts when we are on the road, but here is proof that you can make delicious things where ever you are.

For this, all we need is a frozen mac ’n cheese, and refrigerated pizza dough.


From there, we chop the mac into slices, roll the dough…


and then cut it into an equal number of slices.


Once we have all this prepped, it is just a matter of wrapping our frozen Mac and cheese in dough.


And then pop into the oven…


These were so good. What you see here is enough for one, maybe two people. So if we ever make these for a group, it is going to require many frozen mac and cheeses!


Another successful trip to the sunshine state.

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