’Tis the season to eat a lot! And not only do we want to eat a lot, but we want to find the most calories dense foods on the planet and combine them. Dangerous things tend to happen when we get Uncle Nick in the kitchen. And this year, we had planned to launch the Christmas eating season with a sugar coma inducing kick to the teeth. Elf Pasta.


Perhaps it is worthy of its own post, but we have chosen to use it as our intro. This is the famous pasta dish that Buddy the Elf makes in the now Christmas classic, Elf. This dish combines the following ingredients: maple syrup, sprinkles, mini-marshmallows, M&Ms, chocolate syrup, and chocolate fudge Pop-tarts all on a bed of spaghetti.


Uncle Nick and I enlisted Uncle Jordan to help us polish off this concoction. Now, at first this doesn’t sound so great. But actually, it wasn’t bad at all. The pasta is pretty neutral tasting, and non of the toppings really clashed with each other. Our only complaint was that it was a little rich, and eating the entire plate was a bad decision that we all made.

Before, we departed Florida, we managed to sneak a trip to Disney, where our little play gourmet got to wish Mickey and Minnie a Merry Christmas…


And even take out a few aliens.


Fast forward a few days, and we are in Austin, with Grams and Grandpa, and we are getting ready for Santa to visit. This year, the anticipation for Santa’s visit couldn’t be higher. Earlier this month, we got a chance to meet Santa, and our little Play Gourmet had only one request. A Jeep. With only one more night to go, he knew his last night could make or break the entire year. So he made some of the best cookies of his life for the jolly old man, who controls so much happiness.


And finally, it was time for PJs and bed, although watching a little bit of Polar Express seemed to make sense.


Christmas morning… The moment of truth.


Santa is the best!!!!!


The happiest kid on the planet.

Now if that was the main event, then the Christmas feast was the encore. This year we decided to go with surf and turf. It was a pretty easy decision, because turf is Grandpa’s favorite, and surf is Grams’.

We have documented our steaks al a sous vide, so we are going to focus on the surf, which in this case is some lobster tails.


Gram’s teaches us how to separate the meat from the shell.


And once that is done, we baste it with some clarified butter.


After we bake, we are ready to serve.


It turns out our little Play Gourmet LOVES lobster. I believe he ate two whole tails by himself. Luckily we made extra.

The best Christmas yet!


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