Did you know that 80 thousand metric tons of oysters are consumed in France on New Years Eve? I just learned that, and in honor of the French tradition, Uncle Nick and I went to our new favorite Austin spot, Clark’s Oyster Bar, where we partook in the new (to us) tradition.


This is about the coolest way to ring in the new year. We actually tried several types of oysters, from Canada, Massachusetts, and Northern California. The selection, quality, and ambiance at Clark’s will have us spending a lot more time there.

That is not the only thing we prepared for NYE, however. A month back, the boy and I went duck hunting at the market again, and found four huge Muscovy duck breasts. Where we proceeded to prep them for curing.


This time we did a spicy/sweet, and a savory blend of spices.

Just as the final checks on the ball were being performed, we were ready to weigh, unwrap and inspect our ducks.


The kid gave it a taste, shortly followed by his seal of approval. Now that is duck prosciutto!

Now, onto the NYE feast. We decided to go with a traditional NYE meal, Korean pork shoulder, known as Bo Ssam. (Ok, that is not actually a NYE tradition anywhere, although it came out so good that we are considering making it our NYE tradition.)

Bo Ssam, is a pork shoulder or pork butt that has been brined in sugar and salt, and then covered in brown sugar, before being slow cooked until it falls apart.


It is then combined with onions and ginger, and Ssam sauce in a lettuce wrap. Ssam is a particularly interesting sauce which combines fermented bean curd, chili paste, and a few other ingredients. The Ssam sauce is outstanding. Just ask Granny, who took a mason jar of it home with her.


Finally, as we retire another calendar, we set off some celebratory sparklers.


And we commemorate the occasion with a photo, that neither Doogie nor the little boy were all that much interested in.


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