This week we took on TWO big projects! Although one was a wonderfully pleasant surprise.

Going into the weekend, Mrs. Play Gourmet had a few arts and craft things she want to pick up from the hobby store, and the last time we were there, the boy and I were eyeing the model cars and planes. This time, we had the idea going in, that we would build our fist model.

I saw some planes and cars that looked like excellent candidates, but the boy saw something that trumped everything else. Grave Digger!!! His favorite monster truck was just sitting on the shelf at eye level, and we knew this was how we were going to spend the rest of our day.

Getting home took way too long, only barely comforted by having the box in our little Play Gourmet’s lap. But once we got home, we immediately set up our workstation in the play room.


Next was to open it up, and spread out the contents.



Then to inventory our pieces and familiarize ourselves with the steps.


My favorite part of this entire project was how involved both members of this two man mission were (and a special thanks to our photographer). Each step was completed together, and checked for accuracy by the smaller engineer in training.


After hours of tedious and meticulous work, we placed the finishing touches on our model.


And voila!!! Our trophy is complete, and now proudly hanging on the wall in the boy’s bedroom.


This was the Play accomplishment of the weekend, and luckily for me my Louisianan neighbor had cooked up (or planned to cook up) the Gourmet project of the weekend.

My neighbor Brian, has brought over food to us on occasion that he or his family made for large affairs, and every time he does, it is like Christmas. They specialize in cajun cuisine, and it is not only awesome because the style of food is so rich and delicious, it’s special because of the talent of his family. The food blows away anything that I have ever had in New Orleans, and we are HUGE fans of New Orleans.

So, he called me over to tell me he was going to cook up a pot of Jambalaya. JACKPOT!

He takes me outside, where he custom built an outdoor kitchen designed to make such masterpieces.


He opens up this pot to show me that he just started heating up some pork butts and smoked sausage.


At this point, I am just taking in the process straight from the the expert. He proceeds to throw in some minced garlic.


Before taking me back to the kitchen, where we prepare white onion, green onion, green and red peppers, and celery.


Once ready, he chucks all of that into the caldron.


And then we stir it in completely.


From there we have about an hour or so to hit his refrigerator for beverages, before coming back to check on the stew. The veggies have nearly disappeared and turned into liquid.


Now it is time to make a concoction of mostly beef or chicken stock, with a few other ingredients to fortify it with.


The goal of the concoction is to come up with a near 1 to 1 ration of fluid and rice.


Next we pour it all in the pot, stir and wait. This gives us a little bit more time for us to completely deplete our neighbor of drinks. After another hour or so, we are ready for something so unimaginably delicious, that only experience can prepare you for the flavor.


And just to make sure it is ready to serve, we do our duty to quality assure.


Another successful weekend in the books. And many thanks to our neighbor Brian!


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