Two months! It has been nearly two months since hitting the road, when we last visited Mickey in mid December. This is one of, if not the longest travel drought in our little Play Gourmet’s life. However in that time, we did get around the state of Texas a little bit, visiting Fredericksburg and San Antonio while Grams and Grandpa visited.

I feel like very few people would be aware of this, but Fredericksburg, TX has a tremendous WW2 museum, featuring the war in the pacific. This was obviously a treat to share with Grandpa. It was complete with many LARGE artifacts such as planes, tanks, and ships, which was possibly more thrilling to our little Play Gourmet, than any other patron at the museum.


Just outside of the the museum, was a quaint little restaurant named Otto’s. Which served a fine cuisine, and foie gras that my mom and I would still be eating, if we weren’t limited by social norms.


Our little Play Gourmet wasn’t quick enough to get a taste of this one, so he still has his first experience ahead of him.

Back to the present….

Before we hit the road, the kid and I embarked on a new project. His ever expanding brain is clearly causing his head to grow, because he no longer fits into his bicycle helmet. So, we decided to make this a project. The other day, I noticed an all silver helmet on a kid, with a stripe down the middle. It resembled an Ohio State helmet, or a generic football helmet you might find on a video game cover.


We figured, we could find helmet stickers and a blank helmet with the magic of the internet… Although, it wasn’t as easy as I thought. We wound up ordering the helmet stickers in pieces, and eventually found a nice all white helmet. Unfortunately, not all the helmet stickers arrived at once. But that did not stop us from being excited with the partially complete version.



Now off to Florida. It is a late one, because we decide to head there after work, and after patiently traveling, we hit the beach, despite the time of the day.


We got lots of beach time. Which was the best!


And we got to visit our other half.


And even ride in a race car. Where the kid said going fast made his tummy feel funny.


And then it was back to Texas, and lucky for us, our stickers were there waiting for us!


And off we go to show it off! Project complete!


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