We are back to our traveling ways, but this time we set a new first. Rather than flying to our destination, we drove! A twenty hour road trip, the three of us and the dog. It was a bit ambitious, but we decided to go for it.

We got Mrs. Play Gourmet in the front seat, doing all the work, and Doogie as her co-pilot, while the boy and I just played and relaxed in the back.


So our first taste of the road trip life, had us setting up camp in a hotel in the middle of no where. But the kid was more than ready to carry his fair share, as usual. And Mrs. Play Gourmet got us these sweet road trip bags.


And one advantage of road tripping was all the stuff we could bring with us, like a scooter for example, I mean we still have lots of energy to burn.



We’ll gloss over the hours of monotonous driving, because every time we stopped, we had a blast. Such as, stopping to play with alligators.



Now remember last week when we talked about Louisianan food? We stopped in the home town of our neighbor to learn about some of his influences, and we found some treasure.

Shrimp and grits:


and a boudin sausage platter:


This stuff was so good, worth the drive. The grits were made with cheese and jalapeños, and we used the bread to sop up the gravy that was poured over the top. The sausage was of course amazing as well. A terrific stop!

Once we hit Florida’s panhandle, we discovered one of the most beautiful beaches, and softest sand we have ever felt.


This stop was punctuated with another great food stop, featuring a mahi sandwich…


And some gulf shrimp, probably caught in the morning.


Throughout the trip, the boy kept us on task because his main goal was to help Grandpa with his train set. What none of us knew, was that Grandpa, had discovered a train enthusiasts club, where he had planned to take his grandson as soon as he was in town. We finally made it to our destination and then…


The boy just wanted to sit there forever, and eventually he and his Grandpa picked out a light tower to bring home to their train set.

But the fun didn’t stop there. Here are some highlights:

Strawberry picking:


Swimming with the dog:


Celebrating Granny’s birthday:




And Beaching:


I would say we got a little bit of everything in this trip. Not too shabby for our first road trip.

1 Comments on “ROAD TRIP!”

  1. Looks like you all had more fun than I’ve had in my entire life.

    Nice documentation and the venues were perfect. Always makes me hungry for the preparations you show. I’m wondering if you’re a very good photo shop maker or the dishes are really that beautiful.

    Well either way I’m sure they’re delightful.


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