Easter came and went, but it was an incredible year. Firstly, our little Play Gourmet was so excited for the Easter Bunny to visit. A few days ago, we saw a bunny hopping in the yard. And the boy knew right away that it wasn’t the Easter Bunny, instead it was one of the Easter Bunny’s scouts. Making sure he knew where all the kids lived. So with this evidence, he was certain that the Easter Bunny would be paying us a visit.

For this Easter we had a FULL day planned. After we discovered what the Easter Bunny had left for the kid, we had planned a brunch and playtime up until nap time with friends of ours, all with little boys.


And for this brunch, we had a menu of ham and couple of different quiches, and a french toast casserole. All of this food was prepared mostly by our little play gourmet, which had an amazing effect on how well he ate.


I think we discovered why he eats so many things, and is willing to try so many things. It is because he makes the food. If you put a plate of vegetables in front of him for dinner, he tends to act normal, and not care to eat them, however if he is the one who made the vegetables, he is eager to eat them. I am pretty sure that relationship is real. But we will continue to test.

The baked french toast thing was Mrs. Play Gourmet’s idea and definitely something worth sharing. It is really easy to make and very delicious.

So the night before we start with a old loaf of bread. I am not sure why, but everyone suggests that you use stale bread. I really wonder if that makes a difference at all.


Then we cut it up into squares like you would for a stuffing.


Next we make a liquid concoction, of honey, egg whites, milk, and add some cinnamon, vanilla, and almond extract (just splashes of all those).


The kid mixes that up and pours over the bread.


We added blueberries, but you don’t need to add any fruit. I am sure strawberries, apples, cherries, blackberries, would all be excellent as well.


Then we mix really well with our hands, and that is all the prep it takes. <10 mins.


Now we cover and put in the fridge.

The next morning, the little play gourmet mixed some butter with flour and brown sugar, to make a cookie crumble, and then he layered the top with it.


Next we bake for 45 mins or so, at 375F, and it is ready to serve!


Magnifique! It is like desert for breakfast, which is exactly what you need on the largest sugar day of the year. (◔_◔)

We all had a great brunch and a lot of fun together.


Then we took a much needed nap, and round 2 began at the Scooter Gang’s house. This is where we learned how to REALLY celebrate Easter. It started with an egg hunt in the back yard, where there were only about 500 eggs. And then we were introduced to confetti eggs. Whoa!


Confetti eggs are real chicken eggs that have been drained, cleaned, painted, filled with confetti, and tissue paper is used to cover the hole where the egg was drained. They bought about 20 dozen of them, and I am sure they will be finding confetti in their yard and house until next Easter, where the remains will be replenished to last them for another year, and so the cycle goes.


The fun thing to do with these is to crush the confetti on each other’s heads, so that your hair fills with confetti.


After a while of this, we had another egg hunt, but it was where the kids hid the eggs for the adults. And kids are much better hiders than adults are. These eggs were buried in the ground and hidden under piles of leaves, not a single egg in plain sight.

As if all this wasn’t enough, and I assume their party had been going on since everyone got out of bed in the morning, the piñata comes out.


Eventually it is destroyed and candy fills the deck once again.

And just before it is time for everyone to start their bed time routines, we get one last dinner cupcake in.


What a day!!!!

2 Comments on “French Toast and Easter All Baked Into One”

    • Now that’s an Easter celebraton. You are making up for all those Easters all you got was an Easter basket and a grueling stint at church.

      Now the Play Gormet is expecting an even bigger celebraton and experience next Easter. Christmas ….fogetaboutit.


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