This last week, we kicked off our week with a visit from Granny. And she and the boy collaborated in the kitchen to give us a wonderful dessert snack that lasted us through the week. 


It is a pretty simple concoction, but really there is no shortage of wonderful kitchen creations that have a simple ingredients list. I submit exhibits A and B, bread/butter and peanut butter/jelly.

Exhibit C is Chocolate and anything. And that is Granny’s specialty. Dipping things into melted chocolate, and letting them harden. Her most notable treat is her chocolate dipped pretzels.


This was a basket she made for me to share at work a few Halloweens ago. Years later people still talk about them.

And so, the boy get’s to work by preparing the chocolate.


And stirring constantly so that it doesn’t burn.


Now that we have prepped, let the fun (and taste testing) begin. First, we dip the pretzels into the chocolate…



And once we have dipped them all, and eaten what we didn’t make room for, we let our little play gourmet go to town decorating.


And then we place the tray in the fridge to rapid cool them back to room temp or below.


And after a few minutes, we pull them out to inspect.


Last step, place them in a bowl…


for the plating photo.


Another great job by Granny and the boy on this one. 

This week gave birth to a new obsession. Although yoga would have paired nicely with our Gourmet theme, rock climbing stole the little boy’s heart. On the east side of Austin, we discovered a really cool rock climbing gym. On a whim, Mrs. Play Gourmet decided to take our little play gourmet to test the waters.


To say he was a natural is an understatement. He reminded me of those fearless 3-5 year olds that you encounter on the slopes. Skiing or boarding way better than you, fearless and graceful.


He had such a good time, that he sent me an audio message at work, asking if I would go back to the gym with him after work.

How could I say no?


The really cool thing about being on the east side of Austin is all of the hipster food places, and food trucks for our choosing. So after a long night of climbing, we had a plethora of choices. In fact we all had something different. Japanese, Italian, Mediterranean. (Those who know us well, will be able to guess who got what.)


But it didn’t stop there. He has asked to go back again and again…


Now that he has discovered this hidden talent, we can’t turn our backs to him for a second.


2 Comments on “Granny Wonka and Chocolate Factory”

  1. WOw! Between the deserts and the rock climbing, it looks like you packed a lot of energy …. and used a lot of energy. Nice way to go.


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