This weekend we took our talents to Dallas. We got a message from Aunt Dianna and Cousin Grace that they were in town from Germany to visit their family, and we were thrilled to get to see them.

We had almost no plan for this adventure, other than to play and eat in the most adventurous ways possible. And the first most obvious way to snatch adventure from a road trip to Dallas was to book a hotel with a water slide attached. The Hilton Anatole.


At least we thought it was just a water slide, turns out it had something just short of a full blown water park.


Complete wth a lazy river, multiple water slides, several pools, including one with a basketball hoop, and a toddler area, which at this point just doesn’t provide enough adrenaline for our little junky.


Milestone alert. This week the boy can swim unassisted for the first time, the perfect weekend to go on a hotel water park expedition.


Let’s assume this met the “Play” requirements this week. It is always fun to try and meet the “Gourmet” challenge whenever out of town.


So, we started our pursuit at a Dallas Icon since 1912. The Highland Park Old Fashioned Soda Fountain. This please was cut out of a Sears catalog. Everything about it from the look outside, to the feel inside, felt like almost nothing had changed since it was founded.

The boy and his cousin rushed through a half hearted meal, to get to their Orange (sherbet) Freezes.


And lucky for Mrs. Play Gourmet, the kid still had room to help with her sundae.


On the way out the gentleman at the door gave each kid a piece of bazooka gum, how I imagine he has done for over half a century.

I think this food stop met the minimum requirements for the weekend, but it didn’t stop there.

After an afternoon visiting parks and museums (to escape the heat)…


We found the MOST incredible taco shop that we have ever experienced. (Overselling?) Ok, let me start over.. We found a taco shop with the most creative tacos, and they were so good that I now have a new favorite stop to make in Dallas. (I heard they are planning to build one in downtown Austin in 2019!!!)


The menu boasted taco’s like, Buffalo Chicken, Nashville Hot Tofu, Cuban Pig, Slow Roasted Angus Brisket to name just a few.

We went all out, trying a Spicy Tikka Chicken, Annatto Shredded Pork, Shrimp and Grits, Fish n’ Chips, Ahi Poke and Roasted Pork Egg Frittata.


We spared no room in trying to declare our favorites.


Little Play Gourmet Pick: Roasted Pork Egg Frittata

Mrs. Play Gourmet Pick: Shrimp and Grits

Mr. Play Gourmet Pick: Ahi Poke


This place will surely serve as inspiration for future posts, but for the present it just serves as a perfect cap to a Dallas Weekend.


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