There is some big news to share at the Play Gourmet house. We have been holding on to this little grenade for about 3 months. 


We are all very excited. We took our time before deciding to add to the family. It wasn’t easy, because the three of us are so happy and content. Our little play gourmet fills are hearts every single day with so much joy, that we could almost literally burst. And although that may sound like a reason to keep us as a happy threesome, it is also the reason we decided to grow. I have a feeling that another child will only intensify the amount of love and joy that we get to share. 

And speaking of sharing love and joy with your family, cousin Sophie couldn’t be closer to being a sister without actually being a sister. And, so despite having just gotten home from NY, when we were asked to come to Soph’s 4th birthday party, we never gave it a second thought.

The travel God’s were seemingly against us, as they delayed our arrival until about 3:00am, 


But cousin time was just what the doctor ordered to make up for lost sleep.



They day was wonderful, and by the end, both kids were spent.


We can’t wait to see you again Sophie!

I know what you are thinking, with all this travel, and no time on the weekends, how will we be able to keep up with our kitchen experiments?

Not to worry. This weeks submission comes from the aid of Uncle Frank and Neighbor CJ. Uncle Frank came across some Carolina Reapers, and gave me about a dozen. Since, 2013, the Carolina Reapers have held the world record for being the hottest pepper. We thought one thing when we saw them. We need a Reaper Salami. 


This is going to be a special salami, so I called in Neighbor CJ to assist. I created a brand new recipe for this salami and I decided to use part beef brisket and part pork shoulder. Ceej, and I cut up all the meat, and then ran it through the grinder.


From there we added the seasonings, mixed it and then stuffed it into the casings.


So, I knew that we needed to wear latex gloves during this, but we didn’t have any, so I threw caution to the wind and mixed with my hands, despite no gloves… BAD DECISION.

For hours, I tried to fall asleep after we were all done, but couldn’t due to the fact it felt like my hands had been tarred and feathered. Finally, after desperately trying all of the home remedies I could find online, I found one that worked better than all the rest. I rubbed olive oil into my hands (for about 5 mins) to help lift the pepper oils off my hands, and then washed the oil off with soap. Don’t get yourself in this position, but if you do, try the oil first.

Back to the salami… So, we incubated in the garage over night, and noticed the deep red that is caused by the flowing lava inside the casing.



From there we move it the chamber and leave it for a month, or in time for us to go to Buffalo, Old Forge and Brooksville.


Finally when we get back, we get to taste just how spicy this salami is. 



Man! It came out great!! Not melt your face spicy, just light perspiration spicy. We wound up going with one pepper for every pound of meat, which meant we started with 10 insane peppers, and I think it worked out perfectly. 

(That left two peppers unused. On a related note, there is about 30 mins of time I cannot account for, and two missing peppers.) 

Somehow all of the peppers were used.


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