Growing a human is a pretty interesting experiment. 


We find ourselves doing a lot of observing, and comparing, and reflecting. Not to mention the addition of stimulus in order to study it’s effect. I think I would enjoy writing a book about this, probably only something that I would wind up reading in the end, but nonetheless, we find this to be a pretty fascinating process.  


We often think about the differences in our little play gourmet’s life from our own childhoods, such as diet, technology, level of helicoptering, etc. 

Although, it would seem that gameboys are timeless.


But, probably more satisfying is comparing the similarities. For instance, I loved to play in the kitchen, and his mom was a little athlete. We love to see him get excited about things, lately, one of my favorites is when he begs us to go to Target to buy a pack of football cards. (Sound familiar Grams and Grandpa?)


One question came to my mind recently; how many best friends will he have? Will this be a similarity or a difference? I can recall having two best friends growing up, until I met my third best friend in high school, and eventually married her. Mrs. Play Gourmet had a similar small number of best friends, before we wound up as each others.

Our little Play Gourmet cultivated his first best friend this summer. (I am excluding family in my definition) She and he have become inseparable. 


They each conquered their next big milestone together with ease. Their first day of pre-school. Both of them on their own for the first time, and neither even looked back as they walked away into big kid status. 

Here he is the morning of his first day.


School doesn’t feel like school when you are just going to hang out with your bestie. The day doesn’t even typically stop there, as they usually want to hang out after school together.


There are lots of factors when it comes to the longevity of a friendship, but it wouldn’t shock me at all if this one lasted a long time.


They even like to play in the kitchen together, I think that is how you know this one has a chance of lasting.


As for our PG kitchen experiments, we came up with a pretty cool one. We were in the mood for some smoked octopus. Smoked octopus is a pretty good subject on its own, but we tried to think of what would go well with it. Here is a summary of our thought process. Pasta… something smokey… Carbonara… make it interesting… let’s go meatless. 

And here we are: Meatless Carbonara with Smoked Octopus.

First we crisp up our already smoked tentacles.


Then we take select mushrooms from the bin, this will give us our meaty texture in the pasta.


We chop them up and sauté them.


Concurrently, we get some linguini going.


Once completed, we add our secret ingredients, first a couple of whipped eggs. 


freshly grated romano, 


and shredded smoke provolone. If you are familiar with a traditional Carbonara, there is usually a bacon or smoke pancetta that is used. By placing a smoked provolone in its place, you don’t miss the meat at all.


Just mix all together quickly, and transfer to the plate. And don’t forget to garnish with your smoked octopus.


If you aren’t an octopus fan, that is ok, the carbonara stands on its own.  

First day of school



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