When I take a look back

at our twenty-eighteen,

I see a mom and a dad

and a boy in-between.


So many adventures 

and air planes galore,

took us to people 

and places to explore.


Florida and New York

are our typical stops,

mainly for the beaches

and the ice cream shops.


Those things are really great,

but that’s just partially true.

We chose those states

for the people we’ve taken to.




This year we gambled

and tried something rare.

We chose to road trip

rather than the air.

For once on vacation

it was not just us three,

but along for the ride

Came our faithful Doogie!


We stopped in different states,

Louisiana, Mississippi and more,

to pet gators, eat some creole,

and see the emerald shore.


Then came our Easter

and the Scooter Gang’s plan.

You take 1 part feast

and 2 parts burning man.

A slight exaggeration, 

but they throw quite a party.

This day has so much more

than just a generous bunny.


The year went so fast

as we rarely stood still,

only a week later

we’re seeking more thrill.


Back to Orlando,

more family and play,

took in a concert,

plus a Disney day.


Some things remain constant; 

monster trucks don’t worsen.

If you wait long enough,

Gravedigger in person!


This year we’ve made new friends,

we can’t forget Zilly.

She kept the yard pest free,

so keeping her was silly.


If there is one thing we love

about living here,

it’s playing outside,

getting that Texas seer.


Next came rock climbing,

no wall was to high,

climbing and climbing

high into the sky.


Then Mommy and Daddy

had gotten together

and decided it’s time

to give Deck a brother.


A summer trip to New York,

for eating and playing.

No tastier place on Earth,

I am just saying.


We stayed with Uncle Richard

and played with Aunt Suzy,

partied with Sash and Momo,

this trip was a doozy.


Meanwhile back at home,

we embarked on a kitchen.

One that is outdoors,

amusement the mission.

IMG_7751 2

When is all said and done,

we make some food lovin’,

the heart of our kitchen,

a wood burning oven.


It is hard to believe

our little boy was enrolled,

for his first day of school.

How did he get so old?


We made lots of salami,

and even some duck curing,

but after a three year wait,

the pig was done maturing.


Halloween was a wet one,

Grams joined us together.

With our homemade paw patrol,

we battled the weather.


Thanksgiving is nearing,

the baby is too.

Traveling is over,

but we continue.


Aunt Pam and Uncle Scott

visit us in late November,

and for this turkey day,

we made a bird to remember.


Just a couple weeks later,

more visitors were in store,

Jazzie, the girls, and Granny

watched Deck turn from three to four.


Finally, Christmas and New Year’s

with the grandparents and Nick,

plus a visit from Santa Claus

who left a train that was slick.


We are so blessed to be

such a loving family.

Next year we will be four,

but this year we are still three. 


When I take a look back

at our twenty-eighteen,

I see a mom and a dad

And a boy in-between.


2 Comments on “2018 Finale”

  1. I so much enjoyed this! What a wonderful blessed year you all have had. Blessings to another happy, healthy hear to you all!


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