When the year began we were a family of three,

but in just 12 days, our hearts grew infinitely.

The long wait was over, and Milo was here,

and our lives would never be the same, that much was clear.

Declan shouldered quite a bit of the load

helping his baby brother get on the road.

We quickly remembered how the lack of sleep would occur

to be honest the rest of January is a bit of a blur.

One thing we did, was embark to create

and turn farm-to-table into our fate.

As the baby was sleeping, Declan’s obsessions were growing,

cooking, sports, camping and strolling, the list keeps going and going.

It wasn’t long before Milo met Rosie and Vin

and went to the rodeo before roller derby-in’

Only one week later Milo took his first flight.

He will have to learn how to pack light.

Florida was the first state to check off Milo’s list,

as we hoped for blue houses and met family we missed.

Aunt Jazzy, Uncle Jordy, and the girls were so sweet;

Aunt Pam and Uncle Scott, it was all time to meet.

The spring was full of so much that was right,

including the spring game of orange against white.

Passions were growing, add golf to the menu,

that one is easy with Peter Pan as the venue.

Tastings are growing and picking up steam,

very soon our salumi is becoming the theme.

We not only moved on with our interesting art,

but we added a family to help us take part.

New York State was the second to tick,

awaiting us was Aunt Susan and Uncle Dick.

We cooked with Aunt Sasha and Uncle Momo,

and rewatched his concert, even in slo-mo.

Something happened in Old Forge I have to announce,

the Scalise’s and us are now married I pronounce.

After more than a decade of visits to Paul’s,

we can finally say, “these are our walls”.


We opened the summer and closed it there too

but in-between, much more fun would ensue.

Deck starred in a parade before the fireworks.

The scooter gang is always wherever the fun lurks.

Granny helped tie die about one hundred shirts.

as mommy and Declan made such healthy deserts.

A chamber was built and in went more meat;

The summer was full of more than just heat.

For our third state of the year

we headed to where the sky’s always clear.

California not only has Minnie and Micky, 

It also has Uncle Russ and Aunt Vicky.

One of our highlights of this year by far,

was piloting the Falcon right by a star.

Star Wars land did not let us down,

even Kylo wasn’t messin’ around.

This trip included Milo’s first time in the sand

and waves that were stronger than Declan could stand.

This trip was full of even more to mention,

but more detail will require a poem extension.

Before summer’s end we headed up to the north

Toronto, for its food and fun and so forth.

There we met Aunt Sasha and Uncle Momo,

and even Grams made a visit before we had to go go.

Football season came, fall got here so quick,

the first game of the year Miami vs. Uncle Nick.

A quick trip to Florida to watch us get beat,

but playing with Sophie and Emma was still pretty neat.

Finally back at old Forge to shut down,

this time to play and relax and just visit the town.

Grams and Grampa showed up to witness

the boy catch about fifty five fishes.

By now Milo has been growing and growing

and he has shown no signs of slowing.

Mommy has taught him to eat and to crawl,

but most importantly, she taught him how to play ball.

Soon we will look back and see when it starts, 

his obsession with balls is way off the charts.

Everyday he plays ball with his brother

and very soon they will tackle each other.

By October we found a warehouse to build in,

that will look so cool once it’s all filled in.

The building is already the boys favorite place,

Even before we build their clubhouse space.

We went for a drive with it’s usual rigor,

to visit the Texas State fair, where everything’s bigger.

Aunt Pam and Uncle Scott made the trip as well;

we even met Penny and Sol which was pretty swell.

Prior to Halloween we hit up our farm

this time with Granny and all of her charm.

In our costumes, we were a magical cast

and with Granny’s school bus all expectations were passed.

Now back to Florida for the fourth time this year,

we have a new experience for Declan’s career.

After four long years and lots of cheering

His first football game was finally nearing.

Even Sebastian welcomed him in

and seven touchdowns later he left with a win.

Add a day with his friends and the shore,

and at the end he was crying for more.

This year we founded the supper club nights,

which includes a huge fire and the most delicious bites.

For Sammy and Jax and Paloma

Declan is always asking for more-a.

This year our circle of wonderful friends grew,

as though they appeared out of the blue.

Add a ribeye and a bone-in pork chop.

This combination is impossible to top.

This Thanksgiving we continued the tradition,

you might say it grew since we have an addition.

We cooked and we ate and ate even more

Sprinkle in Waco with a Buckeye’s score.


Posey and Declan said no way to their house

and had an idea to celebrate with a mouse.

Chuck E. Cheeses would be sublime,

since their birthdays are at the same time.

Declan’s birthday didn’t stop after a one day streak, 

no, this party went on for over a week.

He had a party with the supper club and at school,

but his big present was a trip that was too cool.

State number four for the final tally,

New Mexico was the grand finale. 

All Declan wanted for was to see snow,

and for his birthday we said, “let’s go!”

We did sledding and eating and traveled like pros,

Declan and Milo were the happiest bro’s. 

Meow Wolf and chocolate were for good measure,

just to make sure that we OD’d on pleasure. 

Did I forget to mention that while we were gone, 

Milo started walking with the slightest, “come on.”

We got back home just in time for the big guy,

who had pizza and chocolate for when he dropped by. 

Grams and Grampa witnessed the shear delight,

of Santa’s magical ending to the twelfth night. 

A pedal go-cart and an enormous ball 

proved no kid was too big, no kid was too small.

This year was so packed and undeniably awesome.

Our family got bigger and boy did it blossom. 

Our boys make us happy as can possibly be.

We are so lucky to be their mommy and daddy. 

I want to take time to say one more thing,

Good luck to 2020 and what it will bring. 

2019 will be quite hard to beat,

but if it comes close, we’re in for a treat. 

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