2018 Finale - When I take a look back at our twenty-eighteen, I see a mom and a dad and a boy in-between. So many adventures  and air planes galore, took us to people  and places to explore. Florida and New York are our typical... Read More
If You Can’t Stand The Heat, Get Out of the Outdoor Kitchen - We have never been ones to pump a lot of time, money and effort into our home. Not to say that we didn’t care for it, but I guess we just found other things to be more interesting uses of our time.... Read More
Haloweeeeen! - Remember how we started celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving? I am not complaining, I love Christmas. But, at some point, stores started putting up decorations the day after Halloween, and radio stations switch to their 24 hour holiday music by the second week... Read More
Increasing Our Carbonara Footprint - Growing a human is a pretty interesting experiment.  We find ourselves doing a lot of observing, and comparing, and reflecting. Not to mention the addition of stimulus in order to study it’s effect. I think I would enjoy writing a book about... Read More
The Pig - 30 months ago, the boy and I embarked on a journey that has become one of the most rewarding hobbies we could have imagined. It was then, that we decided to take a family tradition and evolve it into a new craft.... Read More
The Sloppy Jessica - It was Mr. Play Gourmet’s birthday weekend, and Uncle Nick and Granny flew in for the occasion. We had a fun project and CRAZY dinner planned to take full advantage of the visit. First on our list was to shoot a funny... Read More
The Reaperoni - There is some big news to share at the Play Gourmet house. We have been holding on to this little grenade for about 3 months.  We are all very excited. We took our time before deciding to add to the family. It... Read More
I ♥ NY - It is really hard to say, but I think New York might be our favorite state in the US. Most people outside of NY think of NYC when they think of NY, and over half of the population of NY probably think... Read More
Play Gourmet Shrimp and Grits - Our annual trip to Niagara Falls/Buffalo has gone very much according to script: Eat, Visit, Eat, Explore, Eat, Cook, Eat. This trip, we discovered that we could rent bikes to experience the falls. So, Mrs. Play Gourmet and the kid did some recon and came back with a... Read More
Let Freedom Squeal - This year’s 4th of July was pretty cool. We recently joined the local country club for the use of the pool during the summer, and we found out that we were among the last to join the rest of our neighbors. Apparently,... Read More
God Bless Texas (And Their Tacos) - This weekend we took our talents to Dallas. We got a message from Aunt Dianna and Cousin Grace that they were in town from Germany to visit their family, and we were thrilled to get to see them. We had almost no... Read More
Granny Wonka and Chocolate Factory - This last week, we kicked off our week with a visit from Granny. And she and the boy collaborated in the kitchen to give us a wonderful dessert snack that lasted us through the week.  It is a pretty simple concoction, but... Read More
The Curry Exchange - Well after years of YouTube videos, we finally got our first real RC car. And by real, I mean better than the made-for-indoors small remote control cars. I can honestly say we have only barely dipped our toes in the water with... Read More
Flying close to the sun - Well if you blinked, you probably missed spring, because the heat is here. And we fast forwarded to mid-season, summer heat. We hit 100 a few days ago for the first time, and now 97 degrees looks like a cool front. Luckily,... Read More
Stop me if you heard this one: A Texan and a Japanese person walk into a bar… - What a week. A couple of THE culinary giants of Austin collaborated, and a PlayGourmet hero paid our hometown a visit. And there was no way we were going to miss either occurrence. For those unaware, Austin has an intense culinary scene.... Read More
Bread Service - In only a few days, we managed to celebrate a birthday, tame killer whales, see Mickey Mouse, take in a concert, and visit Africa. Not to shabby. Of course we had to take a couple of shortcuts to make this happen. We... Read More
French Toast and Easter All Baked Into One - Easter came and went, but it was an incredible year. Firstly, our little Play Gourmet was so excited for the Easter Bunny to visit. A few days ago, we saw a bunny hopping in the yard. And the boy knew right away... Read More
ROAD TRIP! - We are back to our traveling ways, but this time we set a new first. Rather than flying to our destination, we drove! A twenty hour road trip, the three of us and the dog. It was a bit ambitious, but we... Read More
Helmets Required - Two months! It has been nearly two months since hitting the road, when we last visited Mickey in mid December. This is one of, if not the longest travel drought in our little Play Gourmet’s life. However in that time, we did... Read More
Growing Up Italian (Sausage) - It has been about two months since the kid turned three. But I swear time is moving at a logarithmic pace. He was a baby for the last three years, and in two months he has become a kid. Here he is... Read More
2018, The Year of the Play Gourmet - Did you know that 80 thousand metric tons of oysters are consumed in France on New Years Eve? I just learned that, and in honor of the French tradition, Uncle Nick and I went to our new favorite Austin spot, Clark’s Oyster... Read More
2017 in review - I thought about different ways to review the year, like creating a menu with all of the food we featured, or narrating the highlights of the year. But since a picture is worth a thousand words, I decided this year could be... Read More
Grandma got run over by a jeep - ’Tis the season to eat a lot! And not only do we want to eat a lot, but we want to find the most calories dense foods on the planet and combine them. Dangerous things tend to happen when we get Uncle... Read More
Birthday Boys Tell No Tales - It is officially party season! On the heels of hosting our neighborhood block party, we head to Florida to keep the party going. This time we party to celebrate our little Play Gourmet’s third birthday. Mrs. Play Gourmet loves her themes and... Read More
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - When I say December, what things pop into your mind? Cool weather, holiday parties, arts and crafts, baking goodies, and hunting, right? Well, if you live in Texas you might throw hunting in there. So, in one weeks time, we managed to... Read More
A Texas Thanksgiving - For this Thanksgiving, our little Play Gourmet had his own personal audience with Aunt Pam and Uncle Scott visiting. We had a wonderful time doing the Austin food tour, and watching college football. The boy even took his Uncle Scott for a hike.... Read More
Fit for a King - Thanksgiving sure did sneak up on us. Hard to believe that we are writing our 45th installment of the year. I challenge someone to come up with a holiday more in line with the core values of the Play Gourmets. It is... Read More
Shank You Very Much - Sometimes the best plan is to have no plan at all. I would not recommend that for retirement, or when you have to deliver at work, but this certainly proved true for our weekend. With Saturday open, we managed to fit in... Read More
For the Tigelle of It - The laboratory was in full swing with a new food to try and halloween to celebrate. A little while ago we discovered the existence of a food called tigella. Tigelle (plural form) is like an ancient Italian sandwich, from the northern region... Read More
On a Scale from Bacon to Kale - I find the eating habits of our 2 year old to be fascinating. These are probably the habits of all or most 2 year olds, but I only have one data point, so I don’t want to generalize to quickly. I have... Read More
Better Ingredients. Better Waffles. - This last weekend started off with a Friday night football game that went completely according to plan. Our little Play Gourmet donned his apparel and we ushered in our first conference victory of the season to remain undefeated. Even better than the... Read More
Bun For All Ages - Hard to believe, but this week, we celebrate our three year anniversary of returning from Singapore and moving to Austin. Mrs. Play Gourmet was 6 months pregnant and we were closing a chapter on what was, at the time, our greatest adventure... Read More
If It Looks Like Prosciutto and Quacks Like Prosciutto… - Back after a few weekends of travel, and just in time to show our cousin’s Rob and Mandy around Austin. Rob happens to be a BBQ historian and aficionado. So coming to Austin was part visit, part research. We made it to... Read More
Walk-Away Taco - This past weekend, we made it up to Old Forge, NY. This has been one of our absolute favorite annual retreats for about a decade now. Uncle Mikey hails from not too far away, and introduced us to  this beautiful place, and... Read More
All That Jazz - This weekend we took to the skies again. Although we planned it in advance, the timing was perfect to escape the onslaught of Hurricane Harvey, which just seemed to park itself over southeast Texas. It makes me feel a little guilty for... Read More
Cubanos for our Anniversary - Time flies when you’re having fun. Believe it or not, it has been a year since we started publishing our weekly food adventures. We have traveled to different cities and countries searching for interesting and regionally significant treats. Our little Play Gourmet has... Read More
Piece o’ Cake or Pizza Cake? - This weekend was a pretty special weekend for a few different reasons. It was my birthday, and for the first time, our Little Play Gourmet went canoeing, not all by himself of course… He was a natural. We started toward the canoe... Read More
Bad to the Bone - This weekend the Play Gourmets were back on the road, this time heading to Florida for a quick visit with the family. We didn’t come with a plan for what food we might explore, but we did plan to spend lots of... Read More
Beware of Growing Kid - This weekend we went to a splash pad to combat the heat wave that has come over central Texas. And Declan was running around like a puppy just taken off of his leash, when I shouted from across the play area, “Watch... Read More
The Play Gourmets Salumeria - One of our hobbies here at the Play Gourmet Center For Making And Eating Things That Taste Good (TM pending) is making and curing meats and salamis. We have been doing it for a little bit now and happily sharing our products.... Read More
French Connection - This weekend, our explorations took place in Milwaukee, WI. And Granny joined us for the fun. It was not completely random that we wound up there. The House of Blue Hope, a charity to help disadvantaged kids in East Africa, was holding... Read More
Food Mixer Upper - To celebrate another birthday for the United States, we were delighted with a visit from friends so close they can only be called family. In fact our kids completely meld into one over-active amorphous blob when together. And when we are together,... Read More
My Big Fat Greek Dinner - We really started to feel like locals in Greece. We ventured out of the touristy parts of Naxos, and put ourselves in places where we needed our Greek translation book in order to get around. I had a goal when we first... Read More
From Zero to Gyro - In case octopus isn’t your thing, I am pretty sure Greece would still please your palette. When you think about Greece, what do you think of?  Olives, feta, and tzatziki, and maybe some other non food stuff… Even though they were highlights... Read More
Beyond the Sea - This week we landed in Greece, first Athens, then Mykonos, and finally Naxos, where we plan to move in for a little while. There are so many things to write about in Greece, perhaps this trip will fuel us for a few... Read More
Lambs and Chocolates and Polar Bears, Oh My! - We start our summer adventures this week in Dublin, Ireland. Most adventures described here are culinary in nature, however we did have one non-food adventure that was distinctly Irish and I think worth mentioning. We had the fortune of spending a day... Read More
Little Man-icotti - This past weekend, our little Play Gourmet got to show off some of his cooking skills and learn some new ones while he was at it. His grandparents came to visit, which meant there would be lots of cooking, eating, and general... Read More
Bacon Wrapped Sea Monsters - After lots of traveling and eating out, our little Play Gourmet was happy to be home and back in his laboratory. This week, while I was away for work, some experimentation resulted in the discovery of some relatively healthy oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies.... Read More
The Kitchen Sink - This week the Play Gourmets had a homecoming back to Miami, or at least it was a homecoming for 2/3rds of us, since the other third was born and is being raised in Texas. Miami means family, friends, fun, food, and beauty to... Read More
Boat Drinks - In the past, beating the heat of a Texas summer hasn’t been that difficult. Before we had our little Play Gourmet, we could exercise in the heat for a little bit, and relax in the air conditioning a lot a bit. And... Read More
Beef Brisket Quota - When I say, “let’s have BBQ” to you, you might have an idea of what I mean. But depending on where you are from, or where you live, you might have a completely different idea in your head, then I do. That is... Read More
Bison Dogs on the Barbie - We dedicated this last weekend to playing and eating. I suppose that is the same dedication that we make to every weekend, but we got right to work as soon as we popped out of bed on Saturday. We began by getting... Read More
We Be Hammin’ - For the third time in her life, Mrs. Play Gourmet celebrates her birthday on Easter. It will happen again in another eleven years, but she will need to live to be 106 years old to see it happen again after that. And... Read More
Pizza Principles - Our Little Play Gourmet’s love of trains is still strong. We celebrated Austin’s Zilker Parks’s 100th birthday this weekend, by waiting in a very long line to ride the Zilker Zephyr (Train). There was a pizza food truck appropriately parked right next to... Read More
Corpus Diem - Corpus Christi hosted the Wings Over South Texas Air Show this weekend. And since we are always looking for reasons to explore new cities, we decided to pack the car and blaze a trail southward. Looking on a map, Corpus Christi doesn’t... Read More
Lick-ety Split - It’s getting warm in Austin again. Reminding us that dog days are around the corner. Now is the time for us to start our research on how to stay cool this summer. That is pretty cool, but not the cool, I was... Read More
When Pigs Fly - The rodeo is in town. And a few cliches come to mind. 1. This is not our first rodeo. 2.  Everything’s bigger in Texas. Well, growing up in central Florida, we had county fairs, and we had rodeos, but that did not... Read More
The Play Gourmet Diet - Ever noticed how the most delicious things are things we shouldn’t eat? Of course you have. It is always being told to us. Basically, no matter what you want, you shouldn’t have it. I like pasta and rice. Nope, bad. I like... Read More
Terrific Twos - Declan, a founding PlayGourmet, is 2 years, 2 months, and some change old. When I describe him to people, I basically just describe a person that I would like to be. He is athletic, adventurous, and imaginative. He has a great sense... Read More
WORLD’s BEST crawDAD - What do you get when you cross a visit from Uncle Mark and Aunt Sasha with the birth of a new crawfish season? You get a day dedicated to the art of a crawfish boil. Being in Austin affords us many pleasures,... Read More
Live Long and Prosper - This week we are in the midst of the Chinese New Year celebration. A celebration that began on January 28th, and ends on February 11th. We learned quite a bit about this celebration while living in Singapore, and find now that if... Read More
Bringin’ Home the Bacon - Usually, I am on top of food fads. A couple years ago it was sriracha, kale  and cronuts. Last year it was chia seeds, bone broth, and gluten-free fill-in-the-blank. But there are a couple fads that are always popular, maybe that means... Read More
Dried and True - Why is our little PlayGourmet inspecting this sausage? Well because of the hours, days, and weeks that he put into it. He has been watching over this batch and waiting for this day. This Italian sausage was stuffed 6 weeks ago, and has been... Read More
On Cloud Nine - Mother nature tried to spoil our three-day weekend in Austin. It rained off and on continuously, and the temperature ranged from the 40’s to the 80’s. One minute it was cold and damp, and the next minute we were under a tornado... Read More
THE LION(fish) KING - Happy New Year! This year promises to be full of adventure. We’ve made our resolutions and most have to do with thrill seeking and exploration. It seems that overnight our little PlayGourmet has learned how to hike uphill and climb boulders taller... Read More
A Sweet Christmas - Christmas is over, and hopefully everyone had as much fun as we did. Nothing makes Christmas as special as having a little one to share it with. All this time I thought I was having all the fun when I was little.... Read More
A Visit from the Play Gourmets - It was the night before Christmas, and all I could think, was how this entire year has gone in a blink. Our happy little Play Gourmet, who has just turned two, celebrated with family his love for choo-choo. Mommy and Daddy both... Read More
Warning: Substances Contain Explosive Flavors - This week I am going to share a little known fact to people outside of Western New York. Buffalo is flavor country. Buffalo has inspired some very bold flavors and sensations. Take the Buffalo wing for example, which I have already gone... Read More
Lord of the Wings - While in Buffalo, NY, what would be more appropriate than to have some buffalo wings? And since we are having buffalo wings in Buffalo, why not try the original buffalo wing? Frank and Teresa’s Anchor Bar, or simply The Anchor Bar, is... Read More
Thanksgiving All Wrapped Up - This Thanksgiving we did things a little differently. Although, from our little Play Gourmet’s point-of-view, this would now be considered normal I suppose. We took advantage of living deep in the heart of Texas. This might offend some Thanksgiving purests, but instead... Read More
Chicken Pot Pie for the Soul - It took until the week of Thanksgiving, but it finally got cold. Quite cold in fact. This weekend, we got down into the 30’s. So what does that mean for the play gourmets? Time to play outside and enjoy the weather change!... Read More
The Wurst in All of Us - In pursuit of our next food adventure, we stumbled on a gem. Once a year, a German town not too far from Austin, named New Braunfels, holds a huge German festival called Wurstfest. It is a 10 day festival of food, music,... Read More
The Big Easy Flavor - Ooo, I love the food in New Orleans. Check out this list of all stars that New Orleans claims: Grilled Oysters, Jambalaya, Boudin Sausage, Gumbo, Crawfish Étouffée and of course Beignets. Every one of these is worth a separate post, and I think... Read More
Would You Like Pumpkin With That? - Kazmira and I have always loved Halloween. Now with a little Play Gourmet to share it with, it is even better. Last year he wasn’t quite one, but LOVED to hand out the candy and see all of the costumed visitors. This... Read More
Sous-vide. It’sWhat’s for Dinner - It is about time that I share a little more depth on the subject of sous-vide. In a couple of other posts of mine, I glossed over the fact that I prepared things by the method of sous-vide. Now I am happy... Read More
All You Can Eataly - This weeks adventures take us to NYC. And I am happy to share with the blogosphere my favorite spot in the city. Eataly. Eataly is a world wide chain of Italian themed grocery stores. But the one in NY is special because... Read More
Who Doesn’t Like a Pig Roast? - People are the same everywhere. I didn’t always see this. It is easy to not identify with other people in which you seemingly have nothing in common. It is easy to disassociate yourself or your feelings with a large group of people that... Read More
Two Worlds Collide - This weekend we stayed local and participated in the rich culture of food trucks that Austin, TX has to offer. Lots of places have good food trucks, but since the 90’s, the food truck culture has taken off. Now there is an... Read More
How the Sausage is Made - There is no question why I love food. My mom loved to cook, and my dad loved to eat. From a very young age, I was taught by my mom to experiment in the kitchen and to appreciate food (and by experiment, I mean... Read More
Our Beloved Brussels Sprout - Remember when everyone hated brussels sprouts? It was the punchline to all “eat your vegetable” jokes and the punishment kids would face if they didn’t shape up. What happened?!? Now you don’t take a restaurant seriously if they are not on the... Read More
Beauty and the Feast - Last weekend the Play Gourmets took a quick trip over to West Palm Beach FL, and what we found was a restaurant that perfectly captured the essence of South Florida. There is something about being on Florida’s Atlantic coast that makes me... Read More
Houston, We have a Poblano! - This past weekend we took a trip to Houston to explore. We found a neat boardwalk, the Space Center and a tremendous restaurant by a renowned chef. The Kemah Boardwalk was a scenic carnival, outfitted with a wooden roller coaster, merry-go-round, ferris... Read More
The Olive Obsession - My son, Declan and I love olives. I can’t remember a time that I didn’t love them and I know Declan won’t remember a time that he didn’t love them. But why? What is it about an olive that is so gravitating?... Read More
Cubanos on Gameday - Today in Austin, it didn’t quite reach 90 degrees. And although 90 degrees is still hot, relatively speaking it marks the nearing end of summer. The end of summer is a wonderful time, time for a refreshing change. Change in routine, weather,... Read More
Me and My Son - I love exploring food. My wife and I have lived  in some of the best food cities in America, and we have even spent a couple of years in Asia exploring the variety of cuisines there. We have been very fortunate to have... Read More