When I take a look back at our twenty-eighteen, I see a mom and a dad and a boy in-between. So many adventures  and air planes galore, took us to people  and places to explore. Florida and New York are our typical… Read More

We have never been ones to pump a lot of time, money and effort into our home. Not to say that we didn’t care for it, but I guess we just found other things to be more interesting uses of our time…. Read More

Remember how we started celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving? I am not complaining, I love Christmas. But, at some point, stores started putting up decorations the day after Halloween, and radio stations switch to their 24 hour holiday music by the second week… Read More

Growing a human is a pretty interesting experiment.  We find ourselves doing a lot of observing, and comparing, and reflecting. Not to mention the addition of stimulus in order to study it’s effect. I think I would enjoy writing a book about… Read More

30 months ago, the boy and I embarked on a journey that has become one of the most rewarding hobbies we could have imagined. It was then, that we decided to take a family tradition and evolve it into a new craft…. Read More

It was Mr. Play Gourmet’s birthday weekend, and Uncle Nick and Granny flew in for the occasion. We had a fun project and CRAZY dinner planned to take full advantage of the visit. First on our list was to shoot a funny… Read More

There is some big news to share at the Play Gourmet house. We have been holding on to this little grenade for about 3 months.  We are all very excited. We took our time before deciding to add to the family. It… Read More

It is really hard to say, but I think New York might be our favorite state in the US. Most people outside of NY think of NYC when they think of NY, and over half of the population of NY probably think… Read More

Our annual trip to Niagara Falls/Buffalo has gone very much according to script: Eat, Visit, Eat, Explore, Eat, Cook, Eat. This trip, we discovered that we could rent bikes to experience the falls. So, Mrs. Play Gourmet and the kid did some recon and came back with a… Read More

This year’s 4th of July was pretty cool. We recently joined the local country club for the use of the pool during the summer, and we found out that we were among the last to join the rest of our neighbors. Apparently,… Read More