Thanksgiving sure did sneak up on us. Hard to believe that we are writing our 45th installment of the year. I challenge someone to come up with a holiday more in line with the core values of the Play Gourmets. It is… Read More

Sometimes the best plan is to have no plan at all. I would not recommend that for retirement, or when you have to deliver at work, but this certainly proved true for our weekend. With Saturday open, we managed to fit in… Read More

The laboratory was in full swing with a new food to try and halloween to celebrate. A little while ago we discovered the existence of a food called tigella. Tigelle (plural form) is like an ancient Italian sandwich, from the northern region… Read More

I find the eating habits of our 2 year old to be fascinating. These are probably the habits of all or most 2 year olds, but I only have one data point, so I don’t want to generalize to quickly. I have… Read More

This last weekend started off with a Friday night football game that went completely according to plan. Our little Play Gourmet donned his apparel and we ushered in our first conference victory of the season to remain undefeated. Even better than the… Read More

Hard to believe, but this week, we celebrate our three year anniversary of returning from Singapore and moving to Austin. Mrs. Play Gourmet was 6 months pregnant and we were closing a chapter on what was, at the time, our greatest adventure… Read More

Back after a few weekends of travel, and just in time to show our cousin’s Rob and Mandy around Austin. Rob happens to be a BBQ historian and aficionado. So coming to Austin was part visit, part research. We made it to… Read More

This past weekend, we made it up to Old Forge, NY. This has been one of our absolute favorite annual retreats for about a decade now. Uncle Mikey hails from not too far away, and introduced us to  this beautiful place, and… Read More

This weekend we took to the skies again. Although we planned it in advance, the timing was perfect to escape the onslaught of Hurricane Harvey, which just seemed to park itself over southeast Texas. It makes me feel a little guilty for… Read More

Time flies when you’re having fun. Believe it or not, it has been a year since we started publishing our weekly food adventures. We have traveled to different cities and countries searching for interesting and regionally significant treats. Our little Play Gourmet has… Read More