This weekend we took our talents to Dallas. We got a message from Aunt Dianna and Cousin Grace that they were in town from Germany to visit their family, and we were thrilled to get to see them. We had almost no… Read More

This last week, we kicked off our week with a visit from Granny. And she and the boy collaborated in the kitchen to give us a wonderful dessert snack that lasted us through the week.  It is a pretty simple concoction, but… Read More

Well after years of YouTube videos, we finally got our first real RC car. And by real, I mean better than the made-for-indoors small remote control cars. I can honestly say we have only barely dipped our toes in the water with… Read More

Well if you blinked, you probably missed spring, because the heat is here. And we fast forwarded to mid-season, summer heat. We hit 100 a few days ago for the first time, and now 97 degrees looks like a cool front. Luckily,… Read More

What a week. A couple of THE culinary giants of Austin collaborated, and a PlayGourmet hero paid our hometown a visit. And there was no way we were going to miss either occurrence. For those unaware, Austin has an intense culinary scene…. Read More

In only a few days, we managed to celebrate a birthday, tame killer whales, see Mickey Mouse, take in a concert, and visit Africa. Not to shabby. Of course we had to take a couple of shortcuts to make this happen. We… Read More

Easter came and went, but it was an incredible year. Firstly, our little Play Gourmet was so excited for the Easter Bunny to visit. A few days ago, we saw a bunny hopping in the yard. And the boy knew right away… Read More

We are back to our traveling ways, but this time we set a new first. Rather than flying to our destination, we drove! A twenty hour road trip, the three of us and the dog. It was a bit ambitious, but we… Read More

Two months! It has been nearly two months since hitting the road, when we last visited Mickey in mid December. This is one of, if not the longest travel drought in our little Play Gourmet’s life. However in that time, we did… Read More

It has been about two months since the kid turned three. But I swear time is moving at a logarithmic pace. He was a baby for the last three years, and in two months he has become a kid. Here he is… Read More