Did you know that 80 thousand metric tons of oysters are consumed in France on New Years Eve? I just learned that, and in honor of the French tradition, Uncle Nick and I went to our new favorite Austin spot, Clark’s Oyster… Read More

I thought about different ways to review the year, like creating a menu with all of the food we featured, or narrating the highlights of the year. But since a picture is worth a thousand words, I decided this year could be… Read More

’Tis the season to eat a lot! And not only do we want to eat a lot, but we want to find the most calories dense foods on the planet and combine them. Dangerous things tend to happen when we get Uncle… Read More

It is officially party season! On the heels of hosting our neighborhood block party, we head to Florida to keep the party going. This time we party to celebrate our little Play Gourmet’s third birthday. Mrs. Play Gourmet loves her themes and… Read More

When I say December, what things pop into your mind? Cool weather, holiday parties, arts and crafts, baking goodies, and hunting, right? Well, if you live in Texas you might throw hunting in there. So, in one weeks time, we managed to… Read More

For this Thanksgiving, our little Play Gourmet had his own personal audience with Aunt Pam and Uncle Scott visiting. We had a wonderful time doing the Austin food tour, and watching college football. The boy even took his Uncle Scott for a hike…. Read More

Thanksgiving sure did sneak up on us. Hard to believe that we are writing our 45th installment of the year. I challenge someone to come up with a holiday more in line with the core values of the Play Gourmets. It is… Read More

Sometimes the best plan is to have no plan at all. I would not recommend that for retirement, or when you have to deliver at work, but this certainly proved true for our weekend. With Saturday open, we managed to fit in… Read More

The laboratory was in full swing with a new food to try and halloween to celebrate. A little while ago we discovered the existence of a food called tigella. Tigelle (plural form) is like an ancient Italian sandwich, from the northern region… Read More

I find the eating habits of our 2 year old to be fascinating. These are probably the habits of all or most 2 year olds, but I only have one data point, so I don’t want to generalize to quickly. I have… Read More