We brainstormed new ways to eat our pumpkins, and we came up with pumpkin fries. One cool thing about pumpkin is that you can eat it savory or sweet. So we made both kinds of fries. I chose a smaller pumpkin to… Read More

Now take an ordinary piece of steak. See below. This is not a trick steak. I season it thoroughly, like you would before tossing on the grill. I vacuum seal them. In this case, I have done that by placing them in… Read More

For this particular pig, we used a box, but you could easily use a pit, or just suspend the pig over coals, but in the box scenario, we place the coals on the top of the box. The beauty of a pig… Read More

We buy brussels sprouts all the time, and we blanch them, fry them, bake them, steam them, add bacon, lemon, Italian seasonings, salt, pepper, etc. etc. But they are never quite as good as the hipster restaurant down the street makes them…. Read More

We start with a cornbread-ish type of base. The idea here is for it to be very moist, and tasty, not too bread-like. We start with your favorite cornbread base, and then add minced poblanos, onions and creamed corn, and then we… Read More

Here we take an olive of our choice, in this case, I used a spanish queen or manzanilla, already pitted and stuffed with pimento, and add a little dried salami, like a pepperoni, or soppressata. I created a breading from a few… Read More

Blend up some garlic, lime, orange, and cilantro for your very own homemade Mojo. Pick out a nice inexpensive pork shoulder and marinate it over night. The next day, roast that gorgeous piece of meat, and what comes out is the main… Read More