Baked Manicotti - The best part of the visit was when Grams and the boy conspired to make a real treat for everyone. Some home-made manicottis. This is one baked Italian dish that never leaves me feeling like I ate too much pasta. Before all... Read More
Bacon Wrapped Scallops - In light of the limitations of our local grocers to provide us with extraterrestrial sea monsters, we decided that we would use scallops as a place holder. For this dining experience, all we need are some sea scallops and bacon for the... Read More
Easter Ham - Let’s get the veggies and potatoes out of the way. We roasted everything, in advance of the main event. The main event being our ham. To glaze the ham, we dissolve some brown sugar into some yellow mustard. I would say we... Read More
Bringin’ Home the Bacon - Usually, I am on top of food fads. A couple years ago it was sriracha, kale  and cronuts. Last year it was chia seeds, bone broth, and gluten-free fill-in-the-blank. But there are a couple fads that are always popular, maybe that means... Read More
Blackened Lionfish - We decided to blacken the filets and put over a bed of linguine. So we take the filets, rub a mixture of sugar, salt, paprika, cumin, cayenne, and whatever else sounded good, all over one side. Place in some hot oil, and... Read More
Anchovy Stuffed Cherry Peppers - At a wonderful Italian restaurant, La Hacienda, that is noted for its excellent pizza, there is a modestly stated, “anchovy stuffed cherry pepper” in the appetizer section. But if you are so inclined to order such an hors d’oeuvre, what comes to... Read More
Thanksgiving Wrap - Two years ago, Mark was having lunch at the Dog Ears Bookstore in South Buffalo, when he saw on the chalkboard in the cafe a seasonal special, the Thanksgiving Wrap. The ingredients were listed below: wheat wrap with turkey, goat cheese, butternut... Read More
Chicken Pot Pie - So this weekend, in honor of the Earth’s axis titling away from the sun, we have decided to whip up a homemade chicken pot pie. We don’t need a ton of things to make this happen. Just a chicken, some veggies, and... Read More
Sauerkraut - One of the finer points, aside from all the great sausage was the sauerkraut that was served with each sausage. I have always loved this side dish. Really good sauerkraut goes down very smooth. It is not too vinegary or salty, yet has... Read More
Muffuletta - This may not be brand new too all of you, but I urge you to stick around for the exciting conclusion. The “muff” as they call it, is basically an Italian sandwich, containing salami, mortadella, and ham, with provolone.  Obviously, this is... Read More
Pumpkin Fries - We brainstormed new ways to eat our pumpkins, and we came up with pumpkin fries. One cool thing about pumpkin is that you can eat it savory or sweet. So we made both kinds of fries. I chose a smaller pumpkin to... Read More
The Perfect Steak - Now take an ordinary piece of steak. See below. This is not a trick steak. I season it thoroughly, like you would before tossing on the grill. I vacuum seal them. In this case, I have done that by placing them in... Read More
Pig Roast - For this particular pig, we used a box, but you could easily use a pit, or just suspend the pig over coals, but in the box scenario, we place the coals on the top of the box. The beauty of a pig... Read More
Awesome Brussels Sprouts - We buy brussels sprouts all the time, and we blanch them, fry them, bake them, steam them, add bacon, lemon, Italian seasonings, salt, pepper, etc. etc. But they are never quite as good as the hipster restaurant down the street makes them.... Read More
Huevos Poblanos - We start with a cornbread-ish type of base. The idea here is for it to be very moist, and tasty, not too bread-like. We start with your favorite cornbread base, and then add minced poblanos, onions and creamed corn, and then we... Read More
Fried Olives - Here we take an olive of our choice, in this case, I used a spanish queen or manzanilla, already pitted and stuffed with pimento, and add a little dried salami, like a pepperoni, or soppressata. I created a breading from a few... Read More
Cubanos - Blend up some garlic, lime, orange, and cilantro for your very own homemade Mojo. Pick out a nice inexpensive pork shoulder and marinate it over night. The next day, roast that gorgeous piece of meat, and what comes out is the main... Read More
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